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Communication Institutionnelle

Strategic management : Etude de cas 1- SWOT SWOT Apple : Strenghts : – Good reputation among consumers always with innovative products (ipod: the first portable music player) – A high turnover and the company is quoted on stock – They have their own operating system (Linux) – Customer loyalty to the brand it create a community among users of Apple – An operating system more intuitive than Microsoft. Weaknesses: – Steeve Job’s death destabilized the brand – Product prices are higher than other competitors’ products – Lack of flexibility (you can’t install freeware)

Opportunities: – Young children are using more and more products such as Iphone, Iphone to play. – Gap between prices of iphone and android who is closing.

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Threats: – The androids are developing their own applications (andoid market) – Arrival of computers with batteries that have autonomy from 9am (DELL) – Tablet PC are becoming more accessible (price) with competition SWOT Samsung : Strenghts: – Highly technical and developed products – Create their operating system for mobile phone (Bada system) – Quick adaptation to competitors’ innovations Several sector are covered (tv, laptop, computer … ) if loss of money, it’s offset by other sectors – Reputation of the brand = high-tech Weaknesses: – Several sectors covered brand catchall – Creating products from the competition forger – The operating system Bada is new it is not led bugs, lack of applications… Opportunities: – Growing on Indian market – Positive brand in terms of consumers = quality Threats: – Increase in prices of raw material – Strong competition on the various markets covered by samsung. 2- Which generic strategy :

About the generic strategy, Apple applies the broad differentiation strategy. Indeed, Apple differentiates with his high quality products, the service that they propose (Apple community) has if they products are realized for the best. The generic strategy of Samsung is more popular. Even if it’s a really technical brand, they play on the cost of the product. They don’t change the quality of the product but they only try to reduce the cost of production. So, it’s a cost leadership strategy that’s using at Samsung Corp. 3- Analyse strategy

Apple has an international reputation in the field of high-tech with innovation, and esthetics of its products. With this reputation the company can afford to implement higher price than competitors. Those prices select customers and therefore reduce the target brand. Apple makes its products in front with original advertising campaigns, and sells a preview creating an enthusiasm that the consumer side and therefore a large increase in sales (600 000 iphone4 sold the first day of sale). Samsung operates on the appearance of cheaper products while keeping product uality. This strategy is possible inspired by the technologies of competitors and produced at lower cost. Also the fact that Samsung produce several kind of high-tech products, avoids large losses of money if failure. 4- Suggestions/recommandations based on analysis of strategy Samsung should develop its own designs and technologies so that flakes of the forger image with consumers. Apple, however, with more elitist strategy should democratize its prices on some products to make its product more accessible to smaller budgets.