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On TV today we see lots of commercials that show what the world and our peers want us to be. Commercials also show what clothes we should wear and what foods we should eat. There are commercials that show people with healthy and in shape bodies trying to get us to eat properly because looking at them will make us want to have that kind of body and will make us buy whatever it is they are selling. So in seeing those commercials every day, some of us start to think that we are not good enough, and we think we have to look our best to fit in with everyone else. The clothes you wear will show who you are and will show how people will Judge you.

If a person is wearing old smelly clothes then people might think he is not a very clean person and that he may not have much money to buy all the new clothes. Now if you are wearing the newest Polo that Just came out, then you have money and people will think you are a clean well-dressed person. That clothes you wear will certainly have an impact on how people look at you. There are on commercials on TV today with professional athletes eating certain foods and wearing and buying certain clothes and we look at them and say to ourselves that we want to be like them.

So we will go out and buy the new clothes they have and go eat where they do so that we will be as cool as them. Because they are portrayed as very influential people in the world, we see them and say, if I can be like that, then I will be cool. There are many commercials today that show how we should eat to get that perfect body that all the super starts and the professional athletes have. The men are always with beautiful women, and the women are always with handsome men. So we go and buy the food they eat so we will that the bodies they have.

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We also go and ay the videos that make you look like the big football player or the best trainer in America. We go and buy all of these things so we can possibly be accepted by our peers. Looking at the commercials on TV today, we see most of them show what we should wear and eat to be like all the athletes and movie starts and buy seeing that we try our best to be as much like them as possible so we will be accepted in our society today. Showing the lives and bodies of celebrities make us want to buy the videos, food, and clothes that they buy, is a good way to make money and to make us think all these things will make us look good.

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