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Nowadays Judgement and Stereotyping in Society

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In today's society, humans are quick to Judge others based on what they believe. Communities tend to negatively view people who are different and do not fit into their own norms. All cultures have norms but they have differences that do not adapt with the dominant core culture in the United States. How we create the other Is from our beliefs, values, and behaviors. If other people do not fit into a certain structure, we often have assumptions against them. Growing up In a particular neighborhood related with gang influences and doing graffiti Is usually not accepted by many people.

In Ruben Martinet's essay "Going up In LA", he shows the community of the graffiti artists and how they get discriminated for what they do. Graffiti artist Pooh describes writing as a community because It Is a source of communication with other writers all over the city (Pig 104 '1 14 1. This community uses this form of art to express their feelings, thoughts, and messages In public. They compose their own culture together by having a passion for "bombing" around town with their meaningful pieces. Tiers from the Stateside state that when they do graffiti they are being blame for vandalism but when whites do it is called art (Pig 106 23 There is a distinction based on race and class which irritates most stateside writers. They do come from poor neighborhoods and low class families but that should not mean their way of art should be treated as a false conation. Though there many people that might not understand graffiti. In the eyes of the LAP, they typically see graffiti as not art and illegal unlike approved city murals.

Stuart Haines assumes there is only way o put an absolute stop on graffiti, "The real answer is to pass tougher laws to punish the graffiti artists who deface public property, along with the gang members who are identifying their turf" (Pig 109 '31 , 34 ). Most officials and adults strongly disagree with the acts of graffiti. They are seeking for other alternatives to get rid of graffiti artists. There is a reason why these young men do this specific type of writing. Mary Trotter said, "We haven't looked at why they're painting. They want to communicate something to us, and we're not listening (Pig 109 36 ).

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Since writers are considered as "others" in the society they do not understand what conveys in writing. There is a difference between graffiti art and graffiti which gang members use to mark up as their territory. One has more meaning than the other while the other type of writing signifies owning a property or area. Graffiti artists should not be Judge poorly from where to come from and how their art looks like. People fear the unknown which they to tend to do anything to try to exclude themselves from people who do not fit Into their standards.

In Peter Marina's essay "Helping and Hating the Homeless", he describes how the homeless people are often stereotyped and feared for what they are. Simply because the homeless are homeless, they are known to be threat. Their existence creates violence which we feel our sense of safety Is being taken away (Pig 172 24). Many middle class people feel this way about the homeless. Since they are strangers, people look at them with Ignorance and have a sense of worry when around them. There are many reasons why we feel this precise way about the homeless.

Our reaction to the homeless Is based on our cultural attitudes, train of understanding about the homeless that it has become an instinct to label them as dangerous in our society. Since mostly everyone feels this way, it is difficult to control and clear our perspective of the homeless. Even in the history in Europe, the bourgeois did not want to deal with beggars. They believe this certain group of people were unable to progress, irrelevant, and hopeless in this order of living. (Pig 174 '1 28). Due to these discriminations, our society saw them this way as likewise; which is how we create boundaries because of their differences.

One of Marina's students paper illustrates her first experience at a Rescue Mission on skid row. She gives details on how repulsive of these people habits are. She mentally had the feeling dirty around them because they were strange and unclean to her (Pig 174 'l 31). Many people perceive the homeless as trash and inhumane. This is the issue between the homeless and our society because we want to see our self in order to accept them. Our lifestyles do differ with the homeless but that does not mean we would reject them from our living.

Instead reach and help them out because at some point in their life they were like any normal person. Women throughout the American history are often portrayed with weak images. They do not have equal roles in society, particular Jobs, politics, and in other settings. Women did not receive the same equal treatment or rights as men did. They could not vote until the 19th amendment was passed in August 18, 1920. Women had to fight for their rights some way or another to prove they were no different than the men. It is most common for omen to be Judged in the workforce.

Women were usually encouraged to enter into careers which are associated due to their gender. Career paths such as nursing, teachers, childcare, or even a home stay mother were consider as good roles for women. This limited females to many opportunities because it discouraged them to attempt any work that was reserve for men. Early in the United States, women were distinguished that they lack skills and did not compare to what men can do. Women should not be characterized entirely because of their gender. They deserve equality ND not feel inferior to men.

Rather than having projections on to other groups, our society should acknowledge our negative imperfections. We cannot always urge our opinions and Judgments solely because we differentiate from these groups. The pessimistic stereotyping that we give to these people affects not only them but our society as well. Everyone comes from various communities and cultures vary from one another. The main argument of how the other is created is because we want to see ourselves in those people. If they do not adjust to our ideals we refuse them in our daily living.

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