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Judgement on Charles Warren and the Ripper investigation

Charles Warren became head of the Metropolitan Police when they were in dire need of help after the incident that occurred in 1886.Police officers and officials were all shaken up and the police force was a mess.When Charles Warren came into action the police force changed.

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Although he had several difficult and complicated problems to deal with; I think he done an outstanding job in taking control over things which proved grateful from the many men and women that commended all that he did.

He received countless complimentary letters which I think says it all. He was very effective in keeping the police force calm in order to handle any problem that arose. In his compliments he received one from the Home Secretary, Commander in Chief; H. R. H, The Duke of Cambridge, The Prince of Wales and Lord Salisbury which was a huge honour for him which he so rightly deserved. On top of all the compliments he was awarded with a Knight Commandership of the Order of the Bath.

He dealt with other difficulties which included burglaries, muzzling of dogs along with everything else going on which lead to the police being abused by the irritated public. Despite all of these positives, people began to criticise him in the case of Jack the Ripper, people would slate him, accuse him of things he didn’t do and generally oppose him. He was unfairly accused of not catching the murderer and frequently had to face the press with outrageous thoughts and articles which gave him a bad image.

I disagree with this for he coped very well with what problems he was faced with. The case of Jack the Ripper was his most difficult case but he faced it head on and didn’t back down to defeat. I believe people could not see the inner workings to all that he did. After all the issues that he still received he resigned which left officers in dismay and disappointed for the great job that he did do.

To conclude I believe that he was very effective as Head of the Metropolitan Police for all of the difficulties that he dealt with in a sensible manner which enabled the public to feel safe and the officers around him to be at ease, he improved Police investigation strategies which gave him great respect. I also think that all of the criticism he received off of the public and press he still continued to do his work and did not let things overcome him. Overall he really did help the Metropolitan Police to improve and was a very good man in what he did and achieved.

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