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Facts about Climate Change

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Topic: “There is nothing that we as individuals can do to prevent climate change”. During last several decades, industrialization and human activities have produced greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide). These gases make the earth’s temperature higher that leads to more serious events, such as ice smelting, floods, storms and droughts. This is called “climate change”.

Climate change would have significant impacts on environment, economy and the way we live so it needs to be prevented. In my opinion, there are several things that everybody as individual can do to reduce pollution and prevent climate change, including reducing greenhouse gases, saving energies and reducing waste. Firstly, we can use car less by using some alternative means, such as public transport, sharing a ride, walking or cycling.

We also can buy locally products so we can reduce goods transportation. Therefore, we can help reduce gas consumption and reduce carbon dioxide. Secondly, we can save energies to decrease the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. For example, we can replace a regular bulb with a compact one; turn off all electrical equipment when they are not in use; wash our clothes in cold water instead of hot water and try to use sun light to dry clothes instead of a dryer.

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Thirdly, we can limit the amount of waste to reduce pollution. We should recycle many things like paper, cans, and glass bottles and avoid using products with a lot of packaging. We can also use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags. These things not only help us save money but we also help protecting environment. For all above reasons, I think everybody as an individual can do many things to prevent climate change.

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