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Essay on Charlotte`s Web

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Charlotte’s Web tells a tale about the miracle of an ordinary pig. It is a narrative that embraces the values of friendship and loyalty. These values are communicated through the element of fantasy and through the eyes of a child. In this way, the audience looks deep within themselves to be able to capture its true essence. In this film, animals are given the ability to speak our language and rationalize in situations they may encounter.

With that, they communicate to us that in some way animals and humans think, act, and feel the same. This heartfelt film begins with an interesting encounter of Fern, juvenile yet strong-willed lass, and Wilbur, some radiant and terrific pig. This touching beginning did not fail to get our attention and absorb ourselves to the series of events that follow. In that moment, Fern saves Wilbur from death and takes the responsibility of taking care of him. Fern demonstrates to us Justice.

She tells us that Justice is what every being deserves despite appearance, ability, and any other traits. Moreover, Fern symbolized equality. After the Arable’s residence, let us recollect on the events when Wilbur was moved to the barn. I would say the barn may be associated to our society. It is the place where stereotypes are formed and where the foundation of friendship is observed. For instance, the other animals inside the barn judges Charlotte, a spider, based on her looks. They see her scary and intimidating.

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On the other hand, Wilbur takes the time to know Charlotte and eventually watch their friendship blossom. Through Charlotte’s guidance, we see Wilbur’s personality and knowledge progress. Her character in this account is very important. She serves as the instrument to open ourselves to miracles; miracles that are brought by friendship. I focused on the points: Friendship and Youth communicated by the characters of Fern, Wilbur, and Charlotte. Fern and Wilbur were the images of Youth that flaunt a free-spirited attitude and innocence.

They react to certain situations based on their feelings as they seem to look at things in its simplest way. While Charlotte, exhibits the foundation of Friendship. It is Loyalty. She showed her dedication and willingness to spare Wilbur’s life even during the darkest hour of her days. I guess it is healthy to think as a child once in a while and see the essence of the little things through the simplest ways. To be able to savour the sweetness of youth and friendship.

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