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Chapter Syanade

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Furthermore, following the Basic Education Curriculum, some enhancement, enrichment and upgrading of skills in Technology and Livelihood Education were made, wherein the students are required to undergo specialization using their basic academics in their chosen field like food trades, cosmetology, garments, agriculture, auto mechanics, radio chances, industrial electricity, civil technology, drafting, and computer technology. This enhancement paved the way of producing skilled graduates capable of employment, thereby fulfilling the school's mission and vision. Jacob Z.

Gonzales Memorial National High School had been using the traditional way of teaching their students. Sometimes it's hard for the students to gather information for their assignments because of the limited number of books. It's also hard for the teachers to catch the attention of the students because sometimes they are not interested in a topic or lesson. Today we all know that technology continues to flow all over the world, computers are now more efficient to use because with the use of this device we can lessen our work. With the use of Information System for Science Subjects students can easily get information for their assignments.

All students can easily understand some important or vocabulary words by the use of glossary which is also included in this system. This can also be used as the visual presentation of the teachers in teaching their students. The School of Jacob Z. Gonzales Memorial National High School has a unique equipments and facilities. They have here some computers and projectors which are provided in every room of the school. They also have their computer laboratory room that's why it is easy to use and install software or any system that will be beneficial for the school.

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Computer Aided Instruction is very applicable in a classroom setting specially in Environmental Science. It covers the five major themes: Human Population, Sustainability and Carrying Capacity, Urban World, Global Perspective, and Science and Values. The subject is more interesting when it integrates Computer Aided Instruction. Videos, Graphics, Text, and Sounds will be added n this software for better teaching and learning. The integration of multimedia and fresh information would help the teacher in teaching the subject and would help in getting the attention of the students.

This kind of technology would be sufficient for learning especially for those who wants to excel in the subject Environmental Science. Multimedia as a part of the proposed Computer Aided Instruction would not only help the users but also to experience the innovative technology. Computer Aided Instruction for Environmental Science can be a powerful tool in education especially to those who need a large amount of reading. Students nowadays need a different kind of approach in learning, instead of traditional classroom teaching. 1. Statement of the Problem 12. 1 General Problem How to design an Information System for Science subjects Gonzales Memorial National High School? In Jacob Z. 1. 2. 2 Specific Problems 1 . How to design a System that will generate information about science? There is only limited number of books that's why the students find it difficult to search for their assignments. Also, the users could hardly find their needed information from the internet and library. 2. How to design a system that will help the teachers in providing a restoration for their teaching?

Sometimes, the students are getting bored, listening to the lesson that their teacher is discussing in front of the class that's why the researchers choose to provide this system to make it easier for the teachers to discuss the lessons. The system can catch the attention of many students because once they open this program there is music, lots of animation and video presentations that can make the lessons more interesting. 3. How to design a system that will provide pictures and videos for presentation? Sometimes, it is hard for the teacher to discuss the lesson wherein there is need for a video presentation.

The system will provide videos for the topic that is needed by the students and teachers. 1. Abject of the Study 1. 3. 1 General Objective The main objective of this system is to develop an Information System for Science subjects for high school which will provide pictures, videos and meaning of unfamiliar words. The researchers also acknowledged the use of Microsoft database to record the name and the score of the students who take the quiz in every science topic. The researchers also include here a login form which only the Science teachers can access to allow them to view the corded scores of their students.

And also to know who among their students have taken the quiz. 1. 32 Specific Objectives 1. To design a system that will generate information. The system will provide a list of vocabulary words with its corresponding meaning so that the student will easily understand it. The researchers have provided a glossary in every subject so that they can easily find the meaning of the unfamiliar words. 2. To design a system that will help the teachers in providing a presentation for their teaching. The teachers can easily use the system using a projector. 3. To design a system that will provide pictures and videos for presentation.

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