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Describe in your own words why resource management is so important to organizational health. An organization is unable to build a good team of working people without good resources. Resources enables a high quality, on budget, time our stakeholders and customers. All this helps organizing and managing suppliers, with relevant knowledge and training having correct development facilities will help meet commitments. 2 Choose a common household Item on which to base this activity. Where do the resources used to make this Item come from - Internal or external sources?

What constraints might Impact on the calculation and use of these resources? Household Item - Television Source: Internal and External Budget contraltos, Human Resources, Qualifications Availability, Governmental Australian Standards Supplier reliability Plastic Components Raw material supplies. 3 What is the link between resource acquisition and quality outputs? High quality inputs with a constant monitoring and control will equal high quality outputs. Having a plan is necessary for a smooth running project. Agreeing on budgets suppliers and staff. To name few.

Are the customers for the outputs of a team/ section/ division/ plant different from the customers for an organization? Explain. No they should all expect quality solutions and on time within budget. Both have needs that need to be met. Activity 2 What might the consequences be of failing to involve a wide range of people In resource planning? 2 When planning resource use and acquisition what methodologies can be used to consult with customers, other stakeholders and employees? Actually 3 Explain how procedures can support effective resource management.

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Cert iv business admin

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Create a procedure that an organization could implement for their employees to submit a resource proposal - a proposed resource purchase or expenditure item. Cert. iv business admit By muumuu Choose a common household item on which to base this activity. Where do the resources used to make this item come from - internal or external sources? What constraints might impact on the acquisition and use of these resources? Household item - Television Budget constraints.

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