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Tech Cert Bus Admin Principles Unit

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These may lead to increased sales of products or services or to n increase in the red tape which can add to the administrative burden on the organization Other changes will be decided on by the senior management of the organization. These may include: L] Merging the organization with another, buying new companies or changing the ownership of the organization. This will usually lead to major changes at the highest level in the short term which will, inevitably, lead to changes throughout the organization over a period of time CLC Relocation or the introduction of new strategies to increase sales or reduce costs in order to increase profits

Some changes are introduced as a reaction to: CLC The introduction of new products and services. This may be in terms of products and services which your organization is able to provide, increasing sales or which they can use to reduce costs CLC Loss Of revenue. This may result from a reduction in volume of sales or a reduction in the selling price C] A review of the organization's sales. This may be in response to the loss of revenue CLC Rising costs. These may be outside of the organization's control such as rent or taxes or controllable such as staff costs or travel expenses -3-

Many of the above will lead to changes in procedures and systems and a review of working methods. The introduction of new technology may also have a major effect on the organization. Organizations may need to review the products or choices they supply in order to increase profitability or to continually improve their offer. Products and services may also change in response to: The introduction of new technology Customer feed back The arrival of new competitors Changing markets Changing legislation Economic factors Loss of sales It is important that people involved in the changes are motivated and purported during the early stages.

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Making sure everybody is involved and given the opportunity to contribute to changes, where possible, will help them to take ownership of the change. Whether individuals can contribute or not, it is essential to communicate information about the change effectively and obtain feedback as soon as information is available in order to prevent gossip and misinformation spreading. Where individuals may incur financial loss, such as by needing to relocate, information on how the organization will deal with this needs to be passed on.

Where changes will affect individuals' roles, the new roles and objectives need to be identified and the reasons for the change explained and agreed. If there are changes to the systems and procedures they carry out, a training needs analysis should be completed; again, this should be done as soon as information is available in order to reassure staff that their employment is secure. New systems will need a mixture of skills and experience which will require individuals to work with others that they may not previously have worked with.

This will lead to the bringing forward of more ideas and may require the introduction Of new talent to the team. When the change is in place, it is important to recognize individuals' success in dealing with or implementing the change. People will need reassurance that they can cope with the new procedures or structure as well as they coped with the old. Encouraging staff to support their colleagues or team members through the change is also important.

People who see change as positive can be used to encourage others, while those who insist on seeing only the negative side can be offered stress management. Responding positively to change reduces workplace stress and can lead to opportunities to gain new skills, the possibility of promotion and encourages the facing of new challenges which will help to build self-confidence. Positive behavior in the face of change involves: Contributing ideas. You can influence changes and reduce their impact on your own situation by putting forward suggestions of your own D Communicating problems.

If you identify that the proposed change will present problems which you believe have not been taken into account, let the appropriate person know as soon as possible as this may prevent problems occurring later C] Supporting decisions for improvement. If you can see the benefits of the change, make it known that you are in favor and why C] Supporting others and requesting support when you need it Seeing the change through will be much easier if everybody is committed to helping each other C] Seeing change as new challenges and embracing new opportunities.

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