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Cement Industry of Ethiopia

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Contact Us Mr Abdissa Adugna - Secretary General Tel: +251-11-5156144, 5506043 - Fax +251-11-5508935 P. O. Box: 12898 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia E-mail: [email protected] org. et [email protected] org. et [email protected] org. et [email protected] org. et The Ethiopian Leather Industries Association (ELIA) is organizing the All-African Leather Fair (AALF) 2008 which will take place in Addis Ababa from February 20-22, 2013.

It will bring together tanners, footwear and other leather goods manufacturers, equipment and technology suppliers, chemical and inputs suppliers, manpower training institutions, trade promotion organizations, etc from all over the world. African companies and organizations are expected to constitute the largest attendance. The Fair is a specialized one designed to promote the African leather industry and to enable it create an interface with its partners within the continent and around the world.

It will also offer the opportunity for business persons in the industry to meet and to talk face to face and to get immediate feedback on their prospective businesses. It will enhance their access to new markets and it will also provide a comprehensive forum for increased business in leather, leather products and the allied industries notably chemicals, machinery, components and accessories. Ethiopia has a successful track record in organizing specialized leather fairs.

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Cement Industry of Ethiopia

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The Meet in Africa 2004 Leather Fair was one of such Fairs which was able to draw the participation of more than 270 Ethiopian and international exhibitors and more than 3000 international visitors. Organizing of specialized leather trade fairs similar to the All-African Leather Fair (AALF) 2013 will serve as a vehicle to promote the wealth that Africa has in the sector by making a platform available where the industry can showcase its exportable items to the world market. About Us Background and Organizational History

Ethiopian Leather Industries Association (ELIA) is a nonprofit trade association of the leather industries businesses. ELIA works to enhance and improve the leather industries business climate by promoting export of leather, shoes and leather goods and garment, protecting the rights of members, and assisting businesses to improve. ELIA was first founded in 1994 as the Ethiopian Tanners Association. In the year 2004 the name was changed to the Ethiopian Tanners, Footwear and Leather Products Manufacturing Association to allow footwear and leather garments and articles full participation in the Association.

The name was again changed, as of January 2007 to the Ethiopian Leather Industries Association (ELIA). ELIA Incorporates Footwear, Leather Garments & Goods and Tanners operating in the country. Vision To be the premier association spearheading the emergence of the Ethiopian leather industry as a key global player representative of its members who are producing and exporting first choice leather and leather products. Mission

The Ethiopian Leather Industries Association (ELIA) is a trade association of leather industries interested companies. ELIA works to enhance and improve the leather industries business climate. It is a recognized and respected representative and proponent of the leather industries in Ethiopia. Principal Objectives Promote and foster the interests of the leather industry Promote cooperation among its members and establish good working relations with other stakeholders in the value chain Represent its members in ational, regional and international forums Maintaining close working relationship with the government and help in creating and sustaining enabling environment for the industry Reflect the common interests of its members in negotiations with any institutions or individuals that work support the development of the leather industry Enhance the development of high standards in industrial ethics and quality of products Coordinate industry endeavors in environmental care and protection Coordinate the industry’s participation in enhancing social activities such as welfare, control of HIV/AIDS, alleviating gender related problems, youth unemployment, etc. Services Advocacy with regard to the industry’s views in administrative matters Coordinate capacity building activities through training programs, panel discussions, pilot project development, etc. Provides market information to its members Coordinates international trade fair participation of members Organizes All African Leather Fair (AALF) Coordinates industry’s role in sector problems Represents the industry in partnerships with donors, counter part organizations, etc. supporting similar initiatives Values and Principles The following values and guiding principles of ELIA have been adapted:

Members-centered (empowerment, solidarity, participatory, need-based, culture, etc. ) Fairness and Equality, Moral ðical integrity Transparency & Accountability Good governance, independence Communication & Collaboration, Gender equality Environmental consciousness Sustainability, Impact Member Profiles MEMBERS The 37 members of the Ethiopian Leather Industries Association produce a wide range of goods for buyers throughout the world, from top of the line semi-processed and finished leather, to beautiful apparel, shoes and accessories. Please contact the following companies directly for more information concerning the many leather goods and accessories available from Ethiopia. Please download the profiles here.

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