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Boutique Managment System

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1. Boutique Management System

The purpose of Boutique Management system is to implement the computerization of the clothes inventory and sales etc. BMS (Boutique Management System) that designed to manage your boutique is very user friendly software. With this software, you can generate report based on your preference (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly).


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BMS (Boutique Management System) should be designed to manage your boutique in a very user friendly way. With this software, you should generate report based on your preference (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly). The program consists of the following modules:

Source listing
This module is supposed to identify the products by their discription. Add products
This module is supposed to take the inputs from an input device. Add customers
This module is capable of adding customers in the specified formats. Update and delete products
This module will update and delete products.
Update and delete customers
This module will be able to update and delete customers

In this module the admin or employee can search the customer or products from the database based on criteria’s Transactions

This module will take up transactions like selling products, buying products from supplier updating cash and updating the bills. Appropriate actions will be taken.

Report Generation

This is a client program which will request for reports.
1). Registration of any new product
2) Functional specification for Search

The search should be a case insensitive search for items which contain the search key word. The search results should display all the items which matched the search criteria. It will return only those items which are up for sale currently. 3) Sell an Item

When the user clicks on Sell an item link, then a page comes up which allows the user to do the following: Provide a title for the item and a description of the Item.

A text box to put in the price
A text box to provide the date.

4) Category Searching

When the user clicks on any of the Categories, a new page should open up which shows all the items up for sale in the Category. 5) Buy an Item (Item page)

The Item page contains the following:-
The title of the Item
The Description of the Item
The name of the Seller
The current price.

6) Edit an Item

The sellers should be able to edit the item. The seller should be able to do the following:- Change Price and description

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