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Bounty Paper Towel Add

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Bounty, the quick picker upper! When we see a commercial on our T. V. screens today, we always see in print or hear the narrator telling us that their product or the service they are promoting to us is one of the best of its kind. They use all types of appeals and techniques to reel us in, making whatever they are trying to sell to us either pretty, shiny, worth-buying, or they use bold simple states telling us things such as, “Once you get it, you won’t be able to live without it. By using these statements and methods of gaining viewers, the ad or commercial gains what it truly aspired for; attention and the need and/or desire to buy the product. In the ad “Bounty Big Spills” the bold statement and exaggerated visuals are created to intrigue the consumer to buy a useful household item. Rhetorical devices can be used in multiple ways and they can be represented to us in many different forms. In advertisements, the most blatant rhetorical language is shown through the element of visual rhetorical devices and figures.

In the ad for “Bounty Big Spills” paper towels, we can closely analyze the main devices the author/creator uses to appeal to the audience. First off, the hyperbole is the overall device used to appeal to us; it designates a relatable incident of society and family issues in our mind but by maximizing the paper towels to the largest potential, which brings about the easy use and reliability of it. In the ad by “Bounty” there displays a large scaled coffee cup that has spilled and clearly needs some kind of cleanup.

When looked at more closely, you notice a just as gigantic pack of “Bounty Paper Towels” next to the spill, indicating that the towels are big enough to handle any mess. Big or small. The motto “Makes small work of BIG spills” is displayed on the paper towels and presents the message to the audience that even the biggest Popsicle or coffee mess is no trouble for a sheet of paper towels by “Bounty”. It presents this through immense exaggerations of messes that would usually be scaled minimally rather than to the max.

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It also uses relatable visuals of coffee cups, popsicles, and a familiar New York and Los Angeles setting to relate to the audience and the nature of messes and society. The mix of visuals and hyperboles reminds the reader/audience that the product is grand, extremely effective, and better than anything out there. Paper towels aren’t grand in any aspect, but they do have effectiveness in clean up that most mothers/dads/parents love to see and through this ad, feel that the messes shown are no match for Bounty.

When considering the intended obvious for this ad, it was difficult to narrow down the select group that the author is trying to adhere to. However, when closely observing the ad, it’s evident that moms, dads, parents in general, and on-the-go working people is the intended audience for this advertisement. This is because the visual image shows a Popsicle, which helps relate to a child’s mess throughout the day. By relating the Popsicle mess to that of a young child’s mess, the ad did a profound job of connecting the two, thus presenting an argument that even the biggest Popsicle dropped by a child is no match for Bounty.

On the other hand, a “Starbucks” coffee cup is also portrayed as one of the messes, making the working class or on-the-go parents, an audience as well. Because of this representation of the on-the-go folk, Bounty broadened its audience level and appealed to more consumers. Some ads are made to send a direct message to their intended audience. As paper towel ads go, there are more explicit or direct messages that state “This paper towel can clean up any spills! ” On the other hand, Bounty’s use of implicit and explicit messages conveys a sense of established creditability with the audience.

The most obviously demonstrated and expressed message of “Makes small work of BIG spills” contradicts the implicit message that sure, it makes small work of big spills, but paper waste adds pollution to our population versus using cloth towels. The hidden message of complication within our society falls short of the intended message; however, the pollution factor has to be taken into consideration before buying such a fast and easy acting product. Sure, for some, that message would never be brought to light making the decision to buy Bounty, a no brainer.

But for some, that might be the deciding factor in whether or not they purchase it. Bounty paper towels have been commonly known to pick up messes. However, when the hyperboles and enlarged items are shown in this way, it makes it seem like the brand is now bigger and better than ever. Designed with children and parents in mind, the author uses logical appeals of “big messes” to appeal to the intended audience. He does this in a way that sets the audience up for an ultimatum.

You choices are to either buy the paper towels or have a 14 foot Popsicle on the floor in your kitchen. The answer is obvious here. By alluring the audience through definitive logic, the author implies that without “Bounty”, you will have messes galore. The display of two oversized items defends his implication. Bounty does an exceptional job of achieving their audience and their positive reaction. Despite the fact that the pollution factor might be an issue to a select few folks, Bounty’s message would nonetheless receive a positive and controlled response.

Though there are other brands of paper towels, “Bounty’s” creation of a special advertisement that enhances their product to make it seem larger and better quality than any other pursues the intended reaction of “I need to buy this! ” They create this reaction through hyperboles and implicit messages that suggest that even a 14 foot coffee spill can be cleaned up with a simple paper towel. Works Cited Bounty Paper Towels, Bounty. Advertisement. 4 April 2009. 1. Print

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