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Boundary Issues

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The term boundary can be understood to mean something that indicates a boarder or a limit. This is in other words a boarder or limit so indicated. This can as well be classified into two major classes of boundaries as can be seen here:- Divergent boundaries-using the geographical aspect of explanation, it can be described as occurrence at the point where two plates move away from each other. This creates more crust at the point of separation. Convergent boundaries-this is when the plates are moving into one another neither sub ducting into the other but pushing up the crust.

Crust slip boundary-this can be termed another division where plates are colliding into one another at an angle. Tension builds and released inform of an earthquake. All human love and dialog is a striving to reconcile our longing for the gone bliss of togetherness with our equally intense desire for separateness (cited Jane Adams, PhD). Human minds encompass these conflicting issues through creation and uncreation of boundaries. These are mental issues and structures that increase in their nature of complexity and number. This does happen when we meet other people and develop our own capacities.

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We are able to identify our thoughts and feelings together with our emotions from those of others. This comes to happen simply because they tend to format all our memories and thinking, experiences, emotions and sensations in our identity. They do not occupy our geographical but rather mental phenomenon in our minds. This creates a real boarder in our minds. Boundaries define how self identifies itself. They do not only determine where you begin but also where you end. This goes to the space between us too. Boundaries are responsible for how we deal with the dilemma of being human.

Self-in-dilemma defines how we identify and relate with others. This too stretches to identifying ourselves by maintaining our identity by our autonomy and independence. One thing that is so clear is that relationship differences are as a result of boundaries. This has been seen frequently being encountered between parents and children, spouses, partners, friends and professional colleagues. Intimacy, loneliness, conflict, anxiety, stress and challenges at every stage of life are dealt with by the creation of boundaries. The development of our personalities is central to this as well as how our identity s identified.

This is defined to how we think and feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. This is a special lens through which we perceive ourselves, how we are and why we are those kinds of people that we are able to see in ourselves. Limits of inner boundaries Many at times we might argue but the truth of the matter is that generic inheritance is responsible for the shaping of our inner boundaries (this is meant to identify with individual neuro chemistry, how sensitive the amygdala is and the connection of various parts of the brains among other things).

Habits of the mind, neuro chemistry and temperament dictate the extend to which our inner boundaries are connected or separate our thoughts and feelings, distinction of our mental experiences, from those of others, how they absorb or deflect the influence of their thought, moods and voices on our own and distinction among the identity, ego and superego. This gives the conscious, unconscious and preconscious contents of our minds and their property. Connection between inner boundaries and addiction Boundaries hail from recovery movement. Boundaries dysfunction and confusion coupled with

distortion are symptomatic of drug problems, alcohol, food, sex spending and other substances or activities that are considered to be addictive in nature. Addiction and recovery literature touches on boundaries and it does generally give a short attention to inner boundaries and rather focuses on interpersonal ones. Boundaries go not only to the extend of affecting the relationship with others but also emotional balance , personalities, cognitive ability, career choice, art preference, music and architecture, political views and opinion not forgetting attitude. It also stretches to attitudes towards money and time.

As an influence of personality, it is so surprising how boundaries are overlooked yet they are so an important aspect of our lives. This is so for psychiatrists who are concerned with individual rather than individual in relationship to. When we are discussing issues to do with boundaries, we should talk of boundaries and hoe they affect us directly and their influence on the people living around us. The world being a global village, and human beings being the only existent social beings in nature, the comfort of our neighbors should be of great interest to us.

When we live as a community, we should put in mind the immediate aspect of how our neighbors are and not just the single life existing between us. Mental illness is the hallmark of distorted inner boundaries and this explains why they end up behaving like so, interpersonal psychiatrists differently think about boundaries(inner ones). They look at how they shape our social upbringing and as well how they organize or disorganize the contents of our minds . When inner boundaries are termed porous or weak , then the self is empty and famished . Forever one will be in search of someone to fill or repair it.

In case we make it more rigid and solid ,it is always hard to let other people understand us,touch us or even move us, when we distort them to the worst ,so is the person himself. This means no psychological growth can occur within us social workers in practice encounter situations that end up bringing boundary problems or potential boundary problems. In a situation where workers face workers encounter conflict of interest , boundary problems arise. This is dual or several relationship boundary issues. Multiple relationships are as result of professional engaging in more than one relationship.

Relationships have been established to be common primarily among social workers and their current workers and their colleagues. Discussions mainly focuses on dual relationship especially exploitive ones. As seen with social workers who get sexually involved with clients , this is a clear explanation of social dual dual boundary problem, This has been seen over a range of acts inclusive of providing home telephone number for official events, accepting goods and services from people one is not supposed to, ranging as far fetched issues as well.

Jayarante et all , 1997 noted “ and now swinging in a narrower arc the arm of controversy and can be done away with and dual relationships like sexual attachment with clients should be avoided greatly. It would be good that professionals continue to work with integrity and dignity and to bring out the difference concerning sexual relationships that we should be able to avoid as much as possible. (pg 190) One has a broader examination lense and a fine toned understanding of the levels which we should be able to get ourselves involved.

Sexual relationship prohibitions between doctors and students have been described not to be a thing of the late twentieth century. The physician-patient relationship demands the doctor be very disciplined to ensure that the patient . Doctors should do everything to avoid relationship that will impair their professional judgment or the possibility of creating a dirty game that erodes the trust and confidence placed in them by their patients The question of whether the situations of sexual misconduct between doctors and patients is as bad as it

appears to be remains and snag between peoples mind. Some have argued that the situation is being overstated and people have kept citing the same incident to justify their overstatements. Which has always said that the the case is understatement. For the purpose of better understanding of this problem, a review of the available cases and their sources has to be done. Data has shown that the the studies were conducted through selection of cases based on anonymity through the mail.

The first case was the collection of data by asking the patients and practitioners being asked to tell how many of the practitioners being asked to tell how many of their friend and have been involved in a similar act with their partners. The second case did not account for the patients who had been involved in the issue with several practitioners and reported over the last 25 years. Boundary issues come in more than one sharpened size and addresses most fundamental aspects of the therapeutic practice, Regarding boundary issues, the therapist is responsible for two kinds of standards.

”Minimal standards being the first one is the most mandatory and whenever violated it leads to punishment. ” “ Aspirational standards” comes next even though it is not as mandatory as such and do not participate in the punishment of the individuals. They are sources which we should understand and work towards achieving in order to have the best out of our professions. A professional therapist will get engaged in both minimal and aspirational standards to ensure that he achieves the best and avoidance of the blunders in life.

Among the issues that can be understood as boundary issues ranges from being a clients friend being differentiated from being their therapist, formation in therapy of sexually intimate relations, offering the client non licensed services from the reason when you first met and failure to keep your private life away from the client. Through assessing the following issues one is able to understand himself better and work towards getting the best deal out of his working relationship with his clients.

This also does promote the ethical way of living. The client feels more of a friend with you than a client at the end of the therapy session. One might also feel sexually aroused in the response to a client. It may also come in a sense when one would like to be lovers with a client at the end of the therapy session. Do you ever have sexual contact with the client? You often go into careful selection of your clothes with a specific client in mind. It is also seen in times when a particular clients time always runs overtime.

Engaging in friendly talks with the client thus revealing so much of yourself towards a particular client. Healthy boundaries have also been described to exist whatsoever. This has been described through willingness to say no in order to clearly notify others that they are stepping on your toes. Controversially, you are also willing to say yes. One too has the ability to make requests and seek alternatives when other people say no to him. It also comes with one having a sense of personal understanding and self respect. It stretches too to making self disclosure appropriate.

One reveals information about himself gradually and this comes at a time when self respect has been developed leading to development in trust. Mutual sharing must be the guiding factors to this. Lastly one never tolerates abuse or disrespect. You should recognize when the problem is yours or the other person’s. if it doesn’t have to be yours, you simply don’t jump in to provide a solution but instead let the other person be responsible for his own boundaries. At times, a situation of collapsed or no boundaries has been described. This has been manifested through several states as well.

When one can’t say no for fear of abandonment or rejection. One discloses too much information about himself or herself. If one takes no other people’s feelings apart from empathy and high tolerance for abuse and being treated with disrespect it dearly demonstrates collapsed boundaries. It further stretches to the feeling of “I believe I deserve it” when treated badly. This is coupled with doing anything to avoid conflict with other people. Being focused on achieving what you believe other people want you to be letting you have no sense of noting fully in others.

You always want to act to please other people and in return forget all about molding respected and responsible individual in yourself. Boundaries can be important in our lives. They do give us ownership. A boundary can in simple terms be described as a property line. Knowing where our property starts and ends one is able to understand and have a claim of ownership over the given property. We tend to understand what belongs to us and what doesn’t at the same time. Through having boundaries and having defined the extent of ownership it does give us a sense of responsibility.

We are responsible for keeping well what belongs to us. As such, individuals are taught to take good care of what belongs to them so that we do not interfere with other people’s freedom and rights. This helps understanding where one’s freedom or control starts and ends. Understanding the freedom one has from the spouse we are able to open up several other opportunities. As clearly understood that your next door neighbor cannot force you paint your house walls green or red we tend to understand that we cannot poke our noses into other people’s affairs and expect to do away with it.

The triangle of boundaries revolves around freedom, love and responsibility. We were created free by God and given the responsibility for our freedom as well. Being set free, makes us be responsible for our deeds failure for which leads to prosecution. As stated in the whole bible we are asked to love God and worship him all along. God expects us to live free and take responsibility for our own freedom besides loving him so much. If we accomplished these three events of life, then life becomes a bed of roses and an Eden of experience. Incredibility occurs as these three ingredients of life do happen.

When love grows, spouses become more and more free of slavery; being self centered, living patterns that are sinful and limitations that are self imposed tend to fade away. This leads to spouses gaining a greater sense of self control and responsibility. As a result of acting more responsibly one becomes more loving. This sends back to the start the cycle all over again. The secret towards happiness in a long lasting relationship is this one. A couple married for more than 10 years can boast of this since they learn to become more of themselves with time and get more loved in return.

Love has been known to exist only where there is freedom. Protection is the last aspect of boundaries. Taking an example of a home or a house, one is always struggling to keep his house under lock and key to ensure that there is protection and safety. It was said by Jesus that dogs should not be given what is sacred. Our (pearks) should not be thrown to pigs instead. They might trample them under their feet and immediately they are done they will turn to tear you into pieces (cited Matthew 7:6). These fences are used to keep the bad ones out and only let in the good ones.

This means that the permeability of boundaries is an issue. As with individuals, one needs boundaries that can be put up when the evil is present and be laid down when the dangerous states are done with. Living within truth makes us safe. This regards truth as another very important boundary. Boundaries are provided with the truth and principle of guidance from God. When we do the following we define it as truth; do not lie or commit adultery, coveting other peoples property like the story in the bible, readiness to give to others, loving one another, being compassionate and readiness to forgive.

Crossing boundaries of relationships centered around God's truth endangers our success and how well we can thrive. Honesty and truthfulness about what happens in our relationships is a good provision of our boundaries. There are certain law that govern the boundary issues as seen in marriages. Sowing and reaping This should be interpreted to mean that our actions have consequences or repercussions. When we do positive things about us, we tend to draw people closer to us and as a result they do become more loving and accommodating to us.

They feel more attached to us and more than willing to be with us and stay attached to us. We always send them to a state of wanting to be with us at the same time being more positive to us. The moment we become irresponsible and unloving, people tend to keep distance from us. They run away from us and feel like not wanting to be associated with us. We are left alone and the consequences are feeling lonely and withdrawn. This teaches us to be responsible knowing that if we messed around with other peoples emotions they in turn end up leaving us alone and keeping us in a state of wanting to be close again.

The law of responsibility This means that the spouses refuses to rescue their partners from mistakes and foibles committed by them. This is the sinful behavior of being immature. The couples have the responsibility of setting limits to the level that their spouses are held up in the unbecoming behavior. This is a clear state of the mind being exercised by the partners tending to build up maturity in their spouses. When such a state of the mind is created, then the entire consequence is having a mature society as a whole. The law of power

This law comes out to be a unique one. It does so in the sense that it does empower the couples with the ability to change their marriages. One has the capacity to get out whatsoever he or she wants from the marriage and not acting as a result of pressure from other sources. As a result, the act of saying that we let nature take its course is done away with. When we let nature take its course we end up in a situation that does not allow us to set our own targets. Setting targets is the first thing that any human being can think of and be able to achieve.

It encourages us to work hard and be alert in all situations. A human being who doesn't work with any target ends up being distorted and the final resettling becomes a thing of the past. It is only when you and your mate understand and go to the extend of respecting each others needs that you can selflessly give to one another. The creating of boundaries in marriages gives you the right tools you actually deserve to come out to the right decision. Boundary issues appear to be dominant in many places. It does not only apply to human setting but has been noted even in national parks.

Boundary management has become a major concern issue even in these places. Boundary making traces its origin straight from the animal kingdom. From time immemorial, animals have been known from time immemorial to lay boundaries within themselves. The king of the jungle was the lion and the cascading system was used to place animals in different places in the jungle. This led to the assignment of tasks based on boundaries. Man has had to derive his present governance system on the very basis that the animal kingdom operated. Just like the animals defined their boundaries so has man become of late.

This has been seen to range from individual relationships to group relations and even stretches to the international level. Long before the introduction of the state governance system, we used to have traditionally instituted societies that lived and respected the presence and sovereignty of other neighboring states. Failure to do do this would lead to endless wars among the competing societies something that led to restoration of peace in the society. It is clear that boundary issues cut across all spheres of our living and we tend to have them in our day to day living.

These are issues that affect our living and we cannot be able to have a peaceful society without boundary issues coming into play. As a matter of fact, we do understand that human coexistence is based on the fact that one has to respect the sovereignty of the other. Be it at individual or collective responsibility level, the secret behind colleagues having some mutual understanding is recognition of the rights and freedoms of the other members of the society. If human beings lived by this, the society remains to be a peaceful one.

As clearly seen in this paper, if one has to maintain his dignity, define the level to which you do relate with others and keep a clear distinction between your work and the social life. When a clear cut distinction has been put between the two cases, then the society understands the need for boundaries and as a result, we are able to have a peaceful society. Word count 3482 References “Boundary Issues”: Using Boundary Intelligence ti Get The Intimacy You Want and The Independence You Need In Life, Love and Work. ” by Jane Adams (Wiley, October, 2005)

Ludwig Edelstein. The Hippocratic Oath: Text, Translation and Interpretation. Baltimore: John Hopkins Press, 1943. Federation Of State Medical Boards of The US,Inc. , Ad Hoc Committee On Physician Impairment. Report on Sexual Boundary Issues, April, 1996. Irons, RR. Schneider JP. Addictive Sexual Disorders in Principles and Practices of Addictions In Psychiatry, Miller. NS ed. , pp. 441-457, 19997. American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Opinion On Ethics:Sexual Misconduct In The Physician Patient Relationship, Document Number. 1

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