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Benefit of Hipaa

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Benefits of HIPAA Larasha McAllister Kaplan University HS210: Medical Office Management Traci Clark March 18, 2013 Benefits of HIPAA How does the HIPAA Privacy and Security rule, benefit the healthcare industry? When all the commotion and fear related to HIPAA begins to subside, patient, health plan, healthcare providers and health care organization will recognize that HIPAA regulations benefit them. Who can argue with the benefits of reducing paper in healthcare industry?

Also who will argue, against the benefit of standardized data, especially for the coordination of insurance benefit is simplification of data submission through standard transaction and code sets? Provider and health plan overhead cost reduction through standardization.

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Benefit of Hipaa

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. For instance, this allows billing offices to make away from having the accommodate different data and format needs for different payers(Young,2007).

How does the HIPAA Privacy and Security rule benefit the patient? It benefits the patient by giving the patient more control over their medical records. Also patients are able to make informed choice regarding how their personal health information is used. Another benefit is it reduces the chance for inappropriate use and disclosure their personal information. Patients also benefit by the limit release of information to the minimum reasonably needed for the purpose of the disclosure.

It empowers individuals to control certain uses and disclosure of their health information. The last benefit is it gives patients the right to examine and obtain a copy of their own health records and request corrections (Fryar, 2005). How does the HIPAA Privacy and Security rule benefit the physician? It benefits the physician by setting boundaries for the use and release of health records. It also helps establish appropriate safeguard that health care providers and others must achieve to protect the privacy of health information.

It holds violators accountable with civil and criminal penalties that can be imposed if they violate patient’s privacy rights. Another benefit is that it strikes a balance when possible responsibility supports disclosure of some form of data (Fryar, 2005). Reference Fryar, D. National Military Family Association, (2005). What is hipaa and what does it mean for me?. Retrieved from website: Military. com Young, A. P. (2007). Kinn’s the administrative medical assistant: An applied learning approach (6th ed. ). St

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