Bangladesh Army and Its Development

Last Updated: 07 May 2020
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Introduction: The Bangladesh Army is the land forces branch and the largest of the three uniformed services the Bangladesh Armed Forces. The primary mission of the Army Is to provide necessary forces and capabilities In support of Bangladesh security and defense strategies Including defense of the nations territorial Integrity against external attack. In addition to its primary mission, the Bangladesh Army is also constitutionally obligated to assist the civilian government during times of emergency.

This role is commonly referred to as 'aid to civil administration'. As an institution, the Army today is self-contained, with tremendous potentials to sustain growth, expansion and modernization in their totality. Every corps can proudly claim to have an Institution of their own where men and officers alike are trained In their respective trade. Looking back one can take pride from the fact that it was worth all the torte and sacrifice. Historical Background: The martial tradition of Bengal has its roots in the Bengal

Army during McHugh rule since the early 1 8th century. Where three successive Persian Muslim dynasties, namely Nanas', Pashas and Ninjas, ruled Bengal. During the Colonial Rule of the British, Bengal was principally a bulwark of British power and trade In the South Aslant region. The British under Robert Clive defeated a 50000 strong Bengal Army of Nab Solar-dud - Delilah In the battle of Pleases In 1757 and later the forces of Nab Mir Assam at the Battle of Paxar In 1764. The Army of Bengal was formed, which later became part of a United Indian Army from 1895 to 947.

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After the creation of the nation of Pakistan. Recruitment from erstwhile East Pakistan began in 1948 into the East Bengal Regiment, newly created with Bengali personnel, part of the Pakistan Army till 1971 . Military operations were formally launched after the Sector Commanders Conference during 11-17 July 1971. The conference was held three months after the oath of the newly formed Bangladesh Government at Murderer, Skittish. Following the conference a period to prolonged guerilla warfare was launched by Bangladesh forces, which continued for a number of months.

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