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Alex Haley

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As of now, there are millions of website that can be searched on by people. It helps people to find necessary information in a split of second rather than to go to the library and see lots of books just to find the needed information. In searching the web, there are many troubles that a person can encounter. A particular site may have the needed information but the way it was presented is dull that it may not attract people that are searching.

From Ann-Marie Imbornoni site, she group the information on her site so that readers will not get annoyed in reading such a long biography or how she starts in making a novel and how she becomes a successful in writing a children’s story. Although it is much shorter and not all necessary information was written there, the important is some significant events like the year it was released was revealed there (Imbornoni, 2006). But its background color is somewhat irritating to the eyes of the visitor.

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Its color is so striking that a person may not able to stay longer if that person caught the attention of the background. And the way it was written was okay because it is very readable to anybody. The picture of Rowling is so small that visiting person should take a time to look at her picture. And from R. Pettinger site, he gives much emphasis on how the Harry Potter concept all started. He clarifies how some scenes in the Harry Potter Book I was connected to J. K. Rowling’s life (R.

Pettinger, 2007). It was quite long compared to Ann Marie Imbornoni’s site, but it was much cleared and unlike to her site, some events here were not that revealed like the title of each series and when it was published. Also, the background of the site was quite dull and it was not that interesting to read if the reader wants to have a fairer background and at the same time information that will surely give that much idea. The way it was written was good because it was also readable.

The picture of the writer that the author is giving emphasis was nice because if a person visiting this site doesn’t know who is J. K. Rowling will give a clarification that she is that person. . References Imbornoni, A. -M. (2006). J. K. Rowling The story of Harry Potter's creator Retrieved May 08, 2007, from http://www. factmonster. com/spot/harrycreator1. html R. Pettinger. (2007). J. K. Rowling Biography. Retrieved May 08, 2007, from http://www. biographyonline. net/writers/j_k_rowling. html

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