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Student Collegiate Record System

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Background of the Study The Student Collegiate Record or SCR is playing an increasing role in the working stratagem of registrars. It enables them to hold and access the information of students like name, student number, date of birth, citizenship, gender, parents or guardian, occupation, permanent home address, schools graduated, course, year, subject, total number of units and final grade. The registrar records, edits and keeps all the information of old and new students thereby making the school’s operations streamlined and effective.

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The existing SCR at AIE College International – Laoag Campus makes use of enrolment forms to obtain the necessary details from the enrollees. After which, the registrar records and saves these information in MS Excel. The registrar keeps each of the student’s records with a number attached (ex. IL-11-000478). The first two letters which is “IL” represents the AIE branch designation, the “11” numeric sign represents the year the student was enrolled and lastly “ex. 000478” represents the student number. Each student is only given one student number during the course of his education.

The registrar then stores the hardcopy of files in bookshelves and the softcopy is kept in the computer. However, the registrar processes the information of the students individually so it takes a long period to finish all the papers. The registrar said that dealing with the student’s records manually is at times unmanageable because of the bulk of files to be checked one by one. The files’ security and confidentiality are also an issue since they are susceptible to access by unauthorized people and can be destroyed by unexpected circumstances.

With this case, we proposed the “Registrar’s Student Collegiate System of AIE College International-Laoag Campus” to help the registrar minimize the time consumed in generating the records and information of the students. It will provide efficient enrollment process because it can track the subjects that the students have to take. It will be capable of storing, updating and securing the academic record of the students and through this, it will produce a more reliable and accurate students’ report. Statement of Objectives

General Objective To create a computerized system providing efficient enrollment process, accurate academic record maintenance and reporting, and sound student information and data management for students, faculty, and staff of the college. Specific Objectives ?To create a system that will accurately generate records such as student personal information, subjects to be taken and grade status of the students ? To come up with a computerized system that will reduce burden in tracking the students information ?

To maintain a central system of complete educational records for the school ? To create quality Students’ Permanent School Records ?To maintain and to safeguard the confidentiality of Student’s School Permanent Records Importance of the Study The results of the study on the computerized registrar’s student collegiate system are believed to benefit the following: Registrar – the study can help her work easier and faster in finding student’s record even if the student doesn’t know or remember his student number.

She will be able to check student’s records and ensure that he/she has completed all of the requirements. Students – the study will provide them sound information about their school record Researchers – the researchers are benefited from this study because it will test their skills in making a system and provide them further insights about the effectiveness of the proposed registry system at their school Future Researchers – they may adopt ideas on how to build a system of another school or company Scope and Delimitation

The study will focus on the improvement and development of the registrar’s work to give accurate information of the students. It will lessen the errors that are provided by the hardcopies, and problems on editing the information of the students. This system will work easier and faster in looking or finding student’s record. This system can’t give the fees to be paid by the student. It is not capable of generating class schedule and the instructor that will handle the subject.

It is intended to give the subjects to be taken, to check if the student passed or failed on his/her subjects and to show the final grade. Definition of Terms The following terms are defined for clarity and better understanding of this study. Bulk- it refers to all the records of students in a large quantity of hardcopies. Computerized – it refers to the use of computer to process one’s work easier. Files – compilation of documents

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