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Essays on Appointment

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Appointment with Love

Appointment with Love This is a short romantic story about a young lieutenant Blandford and a lady, Hollis Meynell, who had fallen in love with each other. The author shows us the possibility of existence of a real strong relationships even through a great distance …

Words 481
Pages 2
Discuss the differences in the portrayal of Death in Appointment in Samarra and Godfather Death

Death and its inevitability is the main theme of both the short stories, Appointment in Samarra and Godfather Death. However the portrayal of Death in the stories differs to some extent. The reality and inescapability of death is evident in both the stories as they …

Words 81
Pages 1
The Importance of Keeping Appointments

Article 86 of the Uniform Code Of Military Justice. This Article covers Point and Place of Duty. That means from PT formation to COB, that is where you are supposed to be. What a lot of Soldiers do not understand that includes appointments made by …

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Appointment of Kenneth Chenault as CEO

In January 2001 Chenault claimed the top position at American Express (one of the best known symbols of U. S. capitalism, then with yearly sales of $25 billion). Though, by then, the prospects for African Americans in corporate America had seemed dismal. At General Electric, …

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Pages 2

Frequently asked questions

What is the importance of making appointments?
The importance of making appointments is that it helps to ensure that you have a set time for your meeting or event. This allows you to better plan your day and ensures that you are not double-booked.
What does show up for an appointment on time mean?
When you have an appointment, it is important to show up on time. This means that you should arrive at the appointed time, or close to it. If you are running late, it is important to call and let the other person know. Arriving on time shows that you respect the other person's time and are considerate of their schedule.
What is the main idea of the story appointment with Love?
The main idea of the story Appointment with Love" is that love can be found in the most unexpected places. The story follows the meeting of two strangers, a soldier and a woman, who fall in love despite the fact that they have only just met. The story highlights the importance of taking chances in life and not being afraid to open up to new experiences."
Is it better to show up for appointments early or late?
It is generally considered better to show up for appointments early. This is because it can show that you are punctual and reliable. Additionally, if the person you are meeting with is running late, you will still be able to have your meeting. However, if you are late, the person you are meeting with may have already left.

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