Animal Testing Essay Introduction Example

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It is effortless to say that animal testing is unnecessary and unethical when you live a happy and healthy life. However, what about those people who suffer from deadly diseases? What about those people who are dreaming that their kids one day will go to school as an average child or at least would be able to breathe without any machines? Unfortunately, millions of illnesses are killing thousands of people every day around the world. However, let's think for a minute how many of those diseases are not dangerous for us anymore because of animal testing. Hundred of years ago, people were dying even from the regular cold or small finger cut, and nowadays it is a simple thing that could be treated by antibiotics. My great grandmother had fourteen kids, and only three of them were alive by the age of eighteen. We don't even know which sickness killed the rest eleven kids because the medicine was horrible. I don't want myself or anybody else to go thru the same thing. Animal testing helped to figure out how to treat thousands of illnesses, and my opinion is there is no question of morality. Unfortunately, it is the only way to save millions of human lives. I believe that it is unethical to think that the lives of even innocent animals are more important than the lives of people.

Nowadays, we all have a lot of unwritten rules that are keeping ourselves healthy such as washing our hands after each bathroom use or before food, keeping our house clean, keep insects out of the house, or even cooked the raw meat on specific temperature for a particular amount of time. We are never asking yourself how humans came to those rules because it is part of our lives. However, the long time ago people didn't see the reason to wash bodies until they figured that some bacterias could cause the illnesses such as dysentery, or they never thought that the domestic pests like mice could be plague carriers. All these discoveries were made thanks to a lot of scientists, who figured out that the human and animal's body works in the same way. In the book 'Science, Medicine, and Animals' indicated, 'Animal research has even contributed to better nutrition and sanitation since it has helped to identify the agents that contribute to good or bad health (Committee on the Use of Animals in Research, 5).' However, the new lifestyle and vaccines are not the only benefits that people gained from animal testing. Fifty years ago, most of the people never heard about organ transportation. It was something impossible. However, by studying the animal's bodies and nervous system, it became possible. According to Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) Data Reports only in the USA, 36,528 organs were transplanted in the year of 2018. Unfortunately, we would be not able to do such complicated surgery without studying on the animals.

Also, the veterinary wouldn't exist as science without animal research. When our lovely puppy is not feeling good, we go straight to the vet clinic and want them to do everything as possible to make him healthy. At that moment, we don't think about how many animals had to die to make the surgery for our puppy to happen. National Research Council stated, 'Research is also undertaken to reduce the suffering and increase the overall well-being of animals, particularly companion animals (Use of Laboratory Animals in Biomedical and Behavioral Research, 36).'

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However, there are a lot of people who still think that animal testing is unnecessary. A lot of them stating that animals have emotions and they can feel pain. I would like to agree with all of their minds, and I am pretty sure that it is true. Otherwise, we are still in need of animal testing to give hope for a lot of people. Maybe it will sound brutal, but I would rather sacrifice my lovely beagle Marley to save the life of that little girl with leukemia, who lives across the street.

It is not fair to use animals for laboratory testing of medical products. However, it is not fair to die from the treatment, which was not tested on the animals on toxicity, as well. We should be thankful to all innocent animals that gave us a chance to continue our lives because until the new ways are developed, only animal testing can provide scientists with better results. Also, I would like to say that we are probably living now in the wrong world when the lives of animals are more important than human's, and here is a real ethical question.

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