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An Education Lasts a Lifetime

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Education is a key element in developing the skills necessary for a successful life. Too often students are more involved earning a paycheck than spending time on their academic studies. Students need to realize that their highschool classes will prepare them for a brighter future. A highschool student’s time is very limited. Homework and extra curricular activities are time consuming and if a student adds a job into this busy schedule, less time is devoted to their academic studies. The effects of this could be recieving lower grades or not taking challenging courses.

A job would also limit the amount of time a teenager has for social activities and sports, thereby causing a withdrawal from friends and the highschool community. The job environment is not always beneficial to the student. In most cases the wages are low and the hours are long. Sometimes employers can be very demanding and schedules are not flexible. The skills being used may not be beneficial in furthering their career, and they might become comfortable with the paycheck and not strive to reach their full potential. Money is the root of many problems associated with teenagers.

A paycheck gives a student the power to purchase many commodities including cars, clothing and electronics. They may also be exposed to drugs and alcohol. Students are being introduced to a new environment and the challenge of managing their money comes into play. Teenagers already have enough pressures and stress in their lives and they may find it difficult to juggle academics along with their work schedule. High school is a time of growth both mentally and physically. Students should focus their attention on their studies so they can one day achieve their dreams.

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An Education Lasts a Lifetime essay

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