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Children Should Not Own A Smartphone Education Essay

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Smart phone is going more and more popular presents as its user-friendly design and convenient multi-function. About all people, including aged and kids, in Hong Kong have their ain smartphone. Nevertheless, should smartphone been owned by a immature kid? Since smartphone brings tonss negative consequence to kids on acquisition, societal and wellness, the kids should non be allowed to have a smartphone.

The job of smartphone brings on kids has long been concerned by schools. Tonss of secondary and primary schools are non allowed their pupils to convey phone to school because phones take their attending off from their lessons and destroy subject. Students who bring their phone to school go against the school ordinance and their phones will be confiscated by the instructor. This regulation does non merely concentrate on smartphone as it has been set for a long clip, and there were non smartphone when the regulation set. Smartphone has much more maps and applications which lead to a bigger influence on pupils ' concentration on survey.

Some parents do non hold to this censoring as they think that having a nomadic phone supports kids safer as they could cognize where their kids are through calls, texts every bit good as communication and Global Position System ( GPS ) applications and be certain if their kids are safe. Besides, in an exigency, kids can name for a aid rapidly and easy. Indeed, having a smartphone does non maintain kids safe but put them into an insecure state of affairs as they are transporting an expensive stylish deice which makes them a mark for felons. Millions of people are robbed of cell phone every twelvemonth while some of the instances are involved with force. Furthermore, many kids spend so much clip speaking on the phone, texting with friends or playing games, and therefore do non aware what is traveling on around them. Every twelvemonth kids cause auto accidents because their attending was on their phone activities but non the traffic while traversing the street.

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Parents may reason that the smartphone is helpful on larning. Schools presents are promoting broad acquisition which requires pupils to seek tonss of information themselves. Smartphone is a suited and utile tool to help pupils to accomplish the broad acquisition and broaden their skyline. It is much more convenient or the pupil to seek for information which is related to their survey and helpful for them to take exposures and pictures to enter any new find at any clip and in any new topographic point. Take for an illustration, harmonizing to a instructor from a primary in United States `` We have seen an addition in 'time on undertaking ' in our fifth-grade pupils. Students who would usually compose a few words or a sentence on paper are now composing paragraphs and beyond on their smartphones. '' ( Dickerson & A ; Schad, 2012 ) Smartphone does give a great aid to pupils on this instance, however such benefit can besides be achieved by an e-book and a digital camera. Smartphone is utile but non the lone tool on helping pupil acquisition.

Furthermore, pupil will be addicted to smartphones non for larning intent but for playing games, chew the fating every bit good as look intoing the new position of their friends on facebook. From the study conducted by Time magazine `` 84 per centum of respondents said that they could non travel a individual twenty-four hours without their cellular telephones, and 20 per centum of respondents look into their phone every 10 proceedingss every bit good as 24 per centum said they had used text messages to put up a rendezvous with person they were holding an matter with, a figure that includes 56 per centum of Chinese respondents. '' ( Gilbert, 2012 ) From the statistic the consequence that pupil 's carelessness on their survey is foreseeable as their concentration will be putted on the smartphone activities if they are allowed to hold their ain smartphone.

Smartphone merely as intoxicant and drugs which is habit-forming and brings injuries to human organic structure. However, we ever merely basking the convenient bring to us but have ignored the negative facet of smartphone. Smartphone dose brings tonss of negative influence to kids. School already put regulation to avoid kids to be addicted to smartphone, nevertheless merely by the attempt from school is non plenty. To protect kids and to allow them hold a better development, authorities should pass to censor the kids below 16 having smartphone, and companies should non sell smartphone to kids below 16. A authorities authorization has to be established to implement the regulation every bit good, otherwise the statute law is nonmeaningful. Government should besides make advertizement to educate the populace the proper usage of smartphone and the effect of addicted on smartphone. Parents besides have their duty to protect the kids by non giving their smartphone to their kids to play. The corporation from authorities and parents is of import on salvaging kids from the injury of smartphone.

Some people may oppose to this statute law as they think that smartphone dose Lashkar-e-Taiba larning easier and interesting which are good to kids development. The learning games, dictionary, linguistic communication larning application and scientific reckoner are helpful tools to help kids on acquisition. Children could happen that larning is non such hard with the aid of these user friendly larning applications. The MLDs

[ 1 ]

, an American company supplying web service on personal and commercial usage, is a good illustration on that. The MLDs is utile to associate the place with the school in ways non possible before ( Tomko, 2010 ) . The ability to entree information from the thenars of their custodies, student-to-student conversation has increased. When jobs arise, the pupils ask each other, non the instructor. And pupils are going more autonomous scholars, since their lessons are all on their MLDs. They know what their acquisition undertakings are. Nevertheless, the MLDs web and other larning applications can besides be accessed through I-pad or e-book, but non merely smartphone. Therefore, this can non be a ground on rejecting the forbiddance.

Apart from the influence on acquisition, smartphone besides be an obstruction on development kids 's societal accomplishment. The societal country of the kids is bounded in the cyberspace societal web site or societal applications as a consequence of hooking to the usage of smartphone. They merely communicate with friends through the smartphone but seldom have a face to confront communicating with the people environing. Many people must been in the odd ambiance in which all the friends around are concentrating on their smartphone playing games or whatsapping with their friend during a repast in the eating house. People around the tabular array are friends and holding repast together, nevertheless no conversation between them. Turning up in such a non-face-to-face-communicating environment does impede kids 's societal ability.

Furthermore, utilizing smartphone brings possible long-run wellness hazards, such as behavioural jobs on kids, increased malignant neoplastic disease hazard every bit good as decreased male birthrate, particularly in kids use. The research led by Dr Siegal Sadetzki, an epidemiologist at Gertner Institute, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Israel, found that heavy cell phone users had a 50 % higher hazard of developing a parotid tumour which arise in the salivary secretory organ near the ears and the jaw, a place where cellular telephones are typically held, and they can be malignant or benign. Because kids 's encephalons and nervous systems are still developing, any possible harm to them is even more serious than for grownups. The wireless frequence emanations from the phones could do other wellness issues in other parts of the organic structure, such as the harm to the cardinal nervous system, and thereby holding a negative impact on larning or behaviour, or malignant neoplastic diseases could ensue in variety meats other than the encephalon.

[ 2 ]

There are besides surveies which reveal the negative impact of cell phones on the wellness of the immature 1s. For illustration, rather late, Dr Kheifets and research workers in Denmark discovered that kids who used cell phones and whose female parents had used cellular telephones during their gestation had 80 % higher incidence of behavioural issues. These include emotional issues, hyperactivity, inattention and holding jobs with their equals. Even those kids who themselves did non hold cellular telephone exposure except during their female parents ' gestations had 54 % higher incidence of such jobs.

All in all, the injury brings from smartphone has long been a job which be neglected. Government should pass to censor the kids below 16 having smartphone every bit shortly as possible in order to avoid kids being affected or harmed by smartphone. Merely avoiding kids to be affected in school is non plenty, authorities and parents have their duty on salvaging kids from the injury of smartphone. Merely by the corporation of school, authorities every bit good as parents can the job be solved, and can the kids have a better development.

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