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As a business entity, Al-Hilal needs to face a lot of economic variables outside its company or its macro environment. Dealing with international sourcing for its material Al-Hilal should be aware on the global supply and currencies exchange. Remember, Al-Hilal try to use most of its raw material such as fresh fruits from the local in abundant but import some chemicals which are not available in Pakistan. Any upside of currencies especially dollar will be impacting its cost of purchase. Furthermore, the production plant of fresher juice is in Multan and we have to supply it to every big city which is far away from Multan and rising fuel costs will have implications right throughout the supply chain of Al-Hilal products leading to an overall situation of increasing prices.

Working on the local country, Al-Hilal must face government regulations on tax of profit where it gains from the operation. General policies of government taxation are applied to fresher juice products. The economic condition and growth of the country also is an important indicator to the demand of products that Al-Hilal offered. Al-Hilal tried its best to provide their product at lower price than their competitors with best quality. As the fresh juice priced slightly above normal juices, not many people will have the income range to consume the products in Pakistan.


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The changing lifestyles of economically developed cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, more people are able financially to drink at more expensive outlet, they have higher expectation. They want to have quality in services and more conveniences that can differentiate one juice from another. Young consumers want technology in their life and attraction for their nice packaging and good taste while the middle age peoples want healthier drink. All these needs should also be taken into consideration. So far Al-Hilal has shown good efforts in localization of its flavors to suit local taste but it should constantly survey and learn about local culture to better understand and design the best product for them.

There has been a huge emphasis by the government to promote healthy drinking. This has lead to many consumers to shift towards healthier drinking. Many people are practicing healthier lifestyles and because Pakistan is Islamic country. These affects on to the need for bottled water and other more convenient and healthy products are important in the average person's day-to-day life. Consumers from the ages of 37 to 55 are also increasingly concerned with nutrition. Since many are reaching an older age in life they are becoming more concerned with increasing their longevity. This will continue to affect the fresh fruit juice industry by increasing the demand overall and in the healthier drinks.

TECHNOLOGY: For fresh juice industries, technology does not give a very high impact on the company and it is not a significant macro environment variables. However Al-Hilal should be looking to competitors innovation and improve itself in term of integrating technology in managing its operation. For example in inventory system, supply chain management system to manage its supply, easy payment and ordering systems for its customers and wireless internet technology. Implementation of technology can make the management more effective and cost saving in the long term. This will also make customer happy if cost savings results in price reduction or promotional campaign discount which will benefits them from time to time.

The main market segment of Fresher Juice is to capture young health-conscious consumers. Their main focus is young youth, college and university students. After drinking this exotic drink they get freshness, taste of pure exotic drink and complete description of the drink about that specific seasonal fruit. For example in strawberry flavor it tells the customer its calories, sugar and the specific description of the strawberry. The main problem which fresher facing these days are of its Bottle size of 250ml and 500ml. whenever customer buys the 250ml bottle they compared 500ml bottle they don't understand the quality of product and always try to buy more volume in less price which affects the bad impact on their product. But they also try to make some strategy on this issue.

Competitors Minute Maid is the direct competitor of Fresher juice in whole Pakistan. The shares in the market of Minute maid are quite high as compared to Fresher Juice but Fresher is trying to make its name and distribute in all the cities because in 2-3 months it also introducing its new flavors of juices according to Seasonal fruits. They are also introducing the carbonated drink in the Pakistan so it's an upcoming and emerging brand in the Pakistan future and it will minimize the shares of Minute maid from the market.

If we look at the main strengths of main strength of our competitor it got only the big market share in the market and its weakness is that it got only few flavors. On the other hand the market share of the fresher juice is very low as compared to minute maid and its main strength is the exotic juices of different seasonal fruits and its product packaging. The indirect competitors of Fresher juice are cold drinks and juices like Coca Cola, Pepsi, 3G sprite and Marinda and in the juice category the major competitors are Nestle and Big Apple etc.

Collaborators: The main plant of Fresher is in Multan. The wholesale and distributer dispense the product in three major cities Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. The distributer in Islamabad further distributes this juice to different but selective retail outlets.  Distribution diagram of Fresher Juice is given below. ollaborators of Fresher Juice STP (Segmentation, Target and Positioning) Strategy Instead of targeting a mass market, we decided to target specific segment of market that are most suited to our product and in that segment we can easily position our product. For this we divided our target market into segments. Following segment was found during our research. Conclusion

Since its launch, "Fresher" made everyone feel its presence in the Pakistani market, be it competitors or customers. With the introduction of new flavors in this fabulous product, no one would be able to compete with it easily. The product is bound to be one of the market leaders in the near future. Now the competitive products are going to find it difficult to compete and come up with a different price band or a different strategy, because it would be hard under the current conditions to beat this promising fresh juice.

Fresher has come out to be the only drink that offers 100% pure fruit juices with flavor strawberry, guava and mango. The product is bound to be the market leader within one year. Fresher has become a strong competitor for any company that wants to launch pulpy drinks as Fresher has won the hearts of people through its quality and taste. Currently Fresher has only one distribution channel as it is a drink that has a focused target market that is the A, B class people that aren't price sensitive and will remain loyal to the brand. Fresher advertisements cover 80% of the print media and it is not sold on net. In future Subway and Al-Hilal are joining together (for joint value collaboration).

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