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Essay about Admissions essay

Essay Topic:

“l want to become the greatest engineer in the world”, said a 5 year old boy named Phone.That seemed to be a little dream of a child which he would forget soon.However, for 1 1 years since his saying, that boy had been still continuously following his dream.

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With remarkable ability of science, Phone was admitted to the physics department of HUSH High School for Gifted Students.

In there, he got to know about Nanning Technological university from a senior. Phone was very impressed by the way this university inspired students and its extremely competitive educational environment. His love for .NET started then. Therefore, he challenged himself on the university entrance examination of .NET. Unfortunately, he was rejected. It was the very first big failure and Phone was deeply shocked. He avoided everyone and became more reserved.

However, his passion was greater than anything else. Phone quickly overcame this grief, and started acquiring knowledge, to provide himself another chance in the following year. Len addition to participation in an intense A-level program, he also did not forget to improve his soft skills and social knowledge by spending time on some extra-curricular activities such as movie making, volunteering ND being a technician for some events.

Thanks to his efficient working method, Phone obtained a few amount of achievements like becoming an youth partner, and a film producer of a volunteer group. Those experiences, which made him more optimistic, sociable, responsible became unforgettable memories In his life. At this moment, when you are reading this essay, Phone had succeeded In completion of his changeable and had a great time before becoming a student In his dream university. I believe that as long as he maintains his passion, he can successfully pilot his own life.

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