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In my own words I think that abortion Is a broad topic.Some people are against It, most religious people too, but If you come to know the person who Is In this situation they might have their own reasons to go this way.Part of it might be that they have other plans and having a baby is not in them.

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For example high school graduates that are planning on going to college. Now let’s say this person in high school was not in the position to have a family, but decided to have this baby because abortion Is “bad”.

It is more likely that this person Is going to fall as a parent because they don’t have the knowledge or the life experience to raise a child. When the government realizes that you are not prepared to have this child it’s possible that they will remove the child from your house. This might be just as bad or even worst, and I’m not saying that this happens all the time but in some situations it does. Now let’s see it from another perspective, this embryo or fetus as far as I’m unconcerned Is like any other animal.

I base this on the idea that what makes us human Is our consciousness, which we develop between the ages of 4-5. Scientists call It stream of consciousness, that we all develop by this age. Humans kill all kinds of animals to perpetuate human survival. Why is abortion bad to prevent overpopulation, to prevent having kids with more problems than the parents can handle? Of course this is Just my voice and my thoughts.

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