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A Person in Public Life

A Person in Public Life that I want to become for a Brief Period in Time. If I were to become somebody else for a brief period of time, I would like to be the President of United States.

I have known many people who have been asked this question and more often than not, they would answer Bill Gates or Oprah; but for me, I chose the President.

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Given this opportunity I would not think twice to choose the most powerful and influential man in United States.

I want to be able to use that little time that I was given to do something worthwhile. The president has the capability to make change and impact the lives of millions of people. If an opportunity such as this would indeed present itself, I would make sure that every minute counts and that no time is wasted.

As President, I would focus my attention to formulating strategies to solve the worsening economic problems such as increasing individuals access to capital, focusing on consumer’s awareness and financial literacy and minimizing predatory lending.

I believe America should protect the family because as the most basic unit in the community, strong families provide a chain reaction which would reflect a strong community, a strong state and ultimately a strong society. I will put premium to the quality of work force because it would lead to stable jobs and ultimately a stable economy (Solutions for America, 2003).

The dream of becoming a President and implementing change in the society sounds really idealistic but idealism is where everything started and in my opinion, it should not end there as well. Throughout history, we have witnesses different people turn these idealisms into visions and these visions into actions which our Country is reaping now. If it were not for the founding fathers’ bravery, the United States Constitution would still be a dream.

After that brief period of time is over, I can still do something to effect change in my family and in the community that I live in. Like what President Obama said, we cannot expect the government to solve all our problems. If we want change, we must start somewhere and I think that the best place to start is with the people within our arms reach.


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