King Lear Abuses His Highest Position as King

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Lear is responsible for his downfall in a countless amount of ways each one leading on from the next. He abuses his superior position as king and yet still demands respect and authority of which he strongly believes he deserves. Lear longs for his daughter’s companionship. He is blinded by lies and “thy youngest daughter does not love thee least” is banishes. Lear uses his authority and wealth to bargain for his daughters love.

As a result of Lear’s moral blindness “when power to flattery bows” he see not of Goneril and Regan’s fake deceitful love proclaims and hands over all that was valuable to him to his two immoral daughters. This is a result of the beginning of his self proclaimed tragedy that is the play of King Lear. Due to Lear’s moral blindness, he trusts that they will stay true to their word and allow him to keep control over his knights and all that he had been accustomed to as king.

Like vultures Goneril and Regan begin to plot against there father. Receiving the dowry made them feel superior and in power. This is the main ingredient in taking Lear out completely. There first act is eliminating his nights and from there on it all went down hill for Lear. Many may blame Lear’s downfall on Goneril and Regan, what many don’t realise is Lear is the sole person who put them in power. Lear gave them a reason and the tool to completely destroy him by being blinded by the comfort of being loved.

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This makes Lear the main person responsible for his downfall. Kent’s advise was not accounted by Lear “come not between the dragon and his wrath” so he was banished. To the benefit of himself he should not have returned to Lear. As the loyal Kent cared to deeply for his king he returned disguised as a simple peasant. This set out his path to disaster as he constantly stood by Lear’s side “follow me. Thou shalt serve me if I like three no worse after dinner. ” Edgar’s downfall came in his forgiving and gullible personality.

He believed all that his brother Edgar told him and this lead to him becoming poor Tom. Edmund was merely just a directing force in Edgar’s downfall and not the sole reason. Everyone one is responsible for their actions regardless of weather or not they are aware of the result of them. Lear chose to give up his authority and wealth and “here I disclaim all my paternal care” to his only true daughter. His madness was the end result of his decision. Kent and Edgar were merely ignorant prey of the two despicable daughters and Edmund.

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