A debate over ABC Family Values

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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The article is based on the analysis of a Walt Disney Company owned ABC TV series;   "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" and attempts to relate its scenes and theme to the present day common teenage sexual encounters and early pregnancies. The authors attempt to question the shift to  programs  that are sex based by the ABC TV given that  Disney  not only has themes, in their view, are out of place on a channel with But "Secret Life" has the word "family" in its name but also has  a chaste image (James & Chmielewsk, 2009). By venturing into teenage sex series, Disney which presumably ought to promote family values and fight sex before marriage, appears to have undergone a kind of revolution.

The series reportedly show playing on bed, a father enquiring about daughters’ sex life and revelation about a father molesting his son. ABC Family also plans to show a comedy about a young woman rejected by a boyfriend after having his baby, keeping in mind that its programs are known to advance youth innocence (James & Chmielewsk, 2009).

In a rejoinder however, the Disney-ABC Television Group argues that they are just being genuine and responsive to the life experiences of their audiences in attempt to mirror what is happening in the society (James & Chmielewsk, 2009). However, this comment has generated concern about the paradigm shift from the “family programming," to contemporary series despite a sensible reason to appeal to the younger viewers; a situation necessitated by research findings.

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I think that the “Sex Lives of the American Teenager” a timely series by ABC owing to the increasing cases of teenage sexual experiences, early pregnancies and child molestation. These, are social ills which contravene Disney’s family values hence the series serve to educate the public. At the same time, ABC has ensured that each episode ends with an advisory that encourages parents and children to talk before it's too late, an idea which I believe illustrates the very message that the explicit teenage scenes tend to depict.


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