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9 Top Marketing Podcasts for 2016

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The podcast listener base continues to grow, showing a from 2015 to 2016. With an estimated 57 million Americans now regularly tuning in, podcasts increasingly are a popular method for obtaining information on a variety of subjects.


Those subjects include marketing. Business professionals, entrepreneurs and marketers all turn to podcasts for discussions from the thought-leaders of the marketing world. If you too are looking for timely, informative podcasts to download for professional development, here are the top choices for marketing podcasts for 2016.

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Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income brand has become synonymous with making money from your web properties. Flynn is a genius when it comes to understanding various passive income channels and helping listeners and readers gain the most from his experience.
Flynn actually hosts three podcasts, all available from his main website, but it’s podcast many listeners turn to regularly. Topics include selling tips, productivity and more, with guests’ names reading like a who’s-who of marketing and business elites. It’s well worth a listen.

Marketing School

My podcast,with Entrepreneur contributor Neil Patel, offered through iTunes, offers insights into the world of digital marketing. Topics include blogging, how-to's on infographics and much more. If you don’t own a Mac, you can download iTunes for Windows and listen online.

Every day, we add 10 minutes of action-filled content so that you can make room in your busy schedule for a little professional development. 

Online Marketing Made Easy

Another great iTunes marketing podcast is , with Amy Porterfeld. Amy is an online media guru, or an expert at content marketing and social media marketing. Heck, she even wrote the book Facebook Marketing All in One for Dummies, so you know she knows her stuff! Her iTunes podcast list includes topics related to all aspects of creating, sharing and monetizing content for lead generation.


Perpetual Traffic

The from Digital Marketer offers fact-filled lead generation tips and more to create a pipeline of qualified leads to your website. It’s offered via the Digital Marketer website, and while you have to run the gauntlet past a few pop up ads, it’s worth it to get to the content.

The Art of Paid Traffic

Rick Mulready creates and shares to provide ideas and insight into online lead generation. Recent podcasts include a deep dive into online traffic metrics and stats, so you understand what they mean and how to use them. Guests discuss how you can better leverage customer insights for sales, and more.

The Startup Chat

offers new episodes every Tuesday and Friday to aspiring and new entrepreneurs. This is an honest look at the challenges startups face and includes questions like, “Are you too old or too young to start a business?” It’s a frank look at the world of entrepreneurship from two guys working in the trenches.

The Art of Charm

Do you need to become more charismatic? A better leader, salesperson or just someone whom others look up to? offers tips for becoming that coveted “super connector” or one who connects people with one another and thus gains loyal friends. This is useful stuff for marketing and beyond.

The 7-Figure Podcast

Casey Graham leads the , interviewing leaders of successful seven-figure companies. The theme? Find out how to break through the barriers that can hold a business back. The idea is simple -- talk to the people who are successful and do what they did.

It’s a great podcast for those desiring success in a corporate environment and struggling to solve problems along the way.

5 Minute Marketing Podcast

Need a quick tip now and then? The is for you. Each episode is packed with marketing tips, advice and strategies to keep you organized and efficient. With just a five-minute time commitment, it’s difficult to find an excuse not to listen. It’s available on iTunes.


While this list doesn’t reflect all the great marketing podcasts available, it hits on a few key ones to incorporate. If you’re not already listening to podcasts for inspiration and information, now is the time to start.

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