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4 Ways To Increase Business Deliverables With Pokémon GO

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As Pokémon GO hit the social media, it became a craze and not among few communities, every possible online community is talking about Pokémon GO. Smartphone users are becoming next to insane trying to “chase” Squirtle or Pikachu or the other Pokémon game creatures with their smartphones. Who is not playing Pokémon Go? The neighborhood kids, your office colleagues, students, and even teachers. So, what makes it different? The virtual world turned real for you. Come down to real business with Pokémon GO.

So, while you are hunting the Pokémon, you need  your phone's GPS so that those creatures can be found in the "real like virtual world" displayed on your phone screens, hinting you that you need to explore the places around their community to be able to hunt different Pokémons. So, what places can you expect to visit? Beaches, parks, shopping malls, etc.

How does Pokémon Go affect your business?

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In the game, one would find several Pokéstops, and they are nothing but different locations such as historical monuments, popular business houses, art museums, churches, etc. These are places players need to visit to get Pokéballs. So, you too can create a contest which involves gamers to use certain locations like Pokémon gyms, defending their newly caught Pokémons.

This will also help contestants discover unexplored parts of their towns or cities. This will not only attract new customers but also help businesses to grow through social media engagement. Due to location details of some specific places like restaurants, coffee shops, bars and retail stores across the globe, increased traffic has been recorded and also increase in sales rate reported. So, let us learn about the 4 major ways Pokémon Go can affect a business:

  • Increased opportunities in team building 

So, once a player has reached level 5, he gets options of three major teams to join: Mystic (blue), Instinct (yellow) and Valor (red). Players can join either of these teams  and once a team member they have to compete against their opponent teams to take hold and control of as many gyms as available in their region. So, if you are planning a team-building game, you can actually test your team members' unity through the team-building options in the game. if everyone shows a willingness to join the same team in an inter-office competition, score them on the number of gyms they have controlled and put that up on a scoreboard.

  • Use ways to encourage check-ins

What determines the intensity of team-building is the number of check-ins. So, what draws a high number of check-ins? Most businesses use attractive discounts or may be other kinds of goodies that employees may look forward to, in order to pull in a huge crowd to checking into the game. Through social media advertisements, invite the attention of potential customers to your business and increase exposure within social networks through the app itself.

Check whether your business stands a chance as a Pokéstop or a gym for potential customers who are pedestrians and is able to draw in huge foot traffic. 

  • Entice customers with monetary allurements

Just as every game displays various items for purchase, the Pokémon GO shop too offers "lure module" for purchase. This item increases the number of Pokémons at a Pokéstop for 30 minutes. The result is that all the other players sharing the same network as the player who placed an order for the item, are helped with increased amount of Pokémon. The whole process draws in the large crowd to a specific place.

So, if this module is used by businesses, it can pool in prospective customers to their own location. Though this module may cost your business real-life money, it can help it to collect real-life benefits too as this kind of module encourages players to explore a particular space and that gives you the scope to detail them about your company and further pitch sales messages. Recent reports by market researchers show that most food joints, restaurants, hotels and retail stores have noticed a 10 per cent hike in sales from foot traffic.

  • Battery  recharge offers 

Pokémon Go can definitely take up a lot of battery life as it needs to operate through most of the technology in a smartphone such as GPS and other types of location services, phone camera, speedometer, phone net connectivity or Wi-Fi, and sound or vibration. All these apps or technology should be open while the game is on.

So, if you offer players a station to recharge while they are out chasing Pokémons, you could be building a great business. A mere amount can be charged for providing the option to recharge phone battery within set time limits. Also, free Wi-Fi can promote your brand's authenticity, and you never know what can convert Pokémon Go players into your customers.

Increase volatility towards your brand among Pokémon Go gamers and enjoy high ROI in  social media promotions.

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