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10 Tips To Do Your Content Marketing Correctly

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Content marketing is hugely preferred these days especially because of the digitalization of almost everything that a seller believes in selling. Driving the traffic to your website, increasing engagement and enhancing the brand visibility are some of the objectives for which content marketing is carried forward.

So here are several tips and tricks that shall ensure that while you execute your content marketing plan

1. Integrating social platforms – whether it is a campaign that you are preparing or a contest for one day you need to ensure that you have integrated most of the social media platforms. A user is available on more than one social networking site and integrating all the platforms or at least most of the platforms ensure better coverage towards the audiences and connection of the content.

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2. Rich media – Content works absolutely well when you harmonize it with rich media such as audio, visuals, video or infographics. It becomes easier for the user to grasp the information plus the engagement rate shoots up. So always opt for the inclusiveness of rich media since the presence makes the engagement rate rise.

3. Using paid advertisements – Numerous social media platforms provide you with an opportunity to make use of paid advertisement. Yes, it does require investment but then investment leads to return on investments isn’t it? In case you are stringent on your budget, you can avail these paid advertisements only once or a month or once in two months instead of acquire it regularly.

4. Longer posts – writing a longer post of say 500 to 1000 or 1000 plus words give you more room to insert the keywords that can enhance your traffic. Hence, the experts advise you to draw the content which exceeds 1000 words as it would lead to the increment of the website traffic.

5. Guest blogging and article submissions – You can opt for guest blogging since they provide you with an opportunity to put a back link to your website. Some of the guest blogging sites are paid while some are unpaid. Another arena of blogging is article submission sites. These sites are mostly unpaid with a massive traffic on their sites. They also allow you to put a back link to your site which drives the traffic to your site. Doing this on weekly basis can be largely helpful.

6. Consistency is the key – Nothing is as disheartening as seeing a highly engaging blog kept dormant for months. Owning a blog is not less than a serious responsibility towards readers. It is often suggested that if you cannot update your blogs frequently enough you better not own one. Ideally, the frequency of blog posts should be once a week at least.

7. Alluring headlines – You need to make your headlines crispy, short and interesting. Longer headlines often tend to drive the user away. The psychic owned by internet audience is different because they are reckless and they preferring glancing over reading. Your headline must be articulated in the manner that it would make the reader click and read it.

8. Incorporating the influences – Often gaining organic likes becomes a challenge to the marketers. One of the finest routes of welcoming organic likes is through influencers. Each community consists of various influencers that belong to a variety of area. Convincing such influencers to share your content is considered to be one of the best content marketing strategies.

9. The personal touch – whichever content your plan to design and market, please make sure that it carries a human touch writing the content that is quite boring, straight seems more like a robot merely talking You need to add that personal touch if you aim at influencing and convincing people to avail your product and services.

10. Explore the plethora of platforms – a constant exploration and research are undeniably vital. Content marketing doesn’t stay construed only to blogging and most of the companies fail to realize this simple fact. Blogging is surely a part of content writing or content strategies but incorporating the other media channels is equivalently important if you expect the return on investment of your finance and time. Integrate social media, advertising, public relations and other modes together to prepare a content marketing strategy with efficacy.

Content marketing is an art that you carry out practically, logically and with thorough calculations. Being a content marketer a keen eye on latest trends, moves, and hits assists while creating content marketing strategies. Make sure that you inculcate these 10 tips and let us know how much helpful did it turned out to be.

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