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Women In Business Essay

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Unassuming nature (humility) M - Motivator I- Interpersonal skills S - Sense of purpose E - Empathic N - Notable - Innovative N - Novice S - Self-confidence Spokesman N - Never giving up E- Efficacious In the business world there are a lot of obstacles women have to face to climb the career ladder. Helen Keller once said, "Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world right in the eye. " Women should take this message and run with it. It's not the people around us but ourselves which holds us back from what we want to accomplish.

Self-confidence is the master key that unlocks the door in succeeding in today's business world. Confidence in one's self assists in elevating our position. Once a woman is confident, she has pride in her work and a little hard work comes easy. Singer Marsha Evans once remarked, "You can have unbelievable intelligence, you can have connections, you can have opportunities fall out of the sky. But in the end hard work is the true, enduring characteristic of successful people. " Women, today we need not to be afraid of hard work. Working long hours and sacrificing our spare time is what it takes to build a business.

Sometimes aging on an extra task can be beneficial to building the career we actually seek. We are classified as the 'weaker vessels', but if we endure the hard work, it only makes us stronger and climbing the career ladder would be easy. As aforementioned in the acronym, the attribute listed for 'B' in the word BUSINESS was bravery. Being a woman in a corporate world you would be timid by the male gender. You have to constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone to move forward. This means you have to take risks and accept when things go dismay. No matter the challenge or situation be brave.

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Women In Business Essay

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You will survive and turn things around. I am a young woman striving to succeed. Ambition is embedded. I don't settle for second best. "Reach for the stars", but in reality I want to have it in the palm of my hands. My vision, dreams and aspirations will be a reality. The words of Anita Rowdier, "To succeed you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality', and know I have passion within. For no matter what it is once I'm involved I will be passionate and committed. I stumbled upon a poem and the words of it really depicts who am and the attributes posses.

Heart of a Woman in Business by Sherry Rough is an inspirational poem for women for all walks of life. A woman in business is like no other Multi-brilliant at work, and often too, a mother. Guided by vision to make a difference in this world, Reporting for service, with her hair even curled. Ready to go, whenever the need She knows in her heart, there's a calling to feed. To do right, to speak up, determined to succeed A role model that plants the possibility seed. Knows who she is, right down to the core Her essence, her passion-?shine all the more! She's in charge with a handle on it all.

At the office, at home, or at the mall. Even in the depth of all she may know Realizes there's still plenty room to grow. So energetic, creative and fun . Early rise, there's much to be done! She still finds time to laugh and to play Sacred time too, to kneel and to pray It comes from inside, driven by vision, Get on board-?she's on a great mission! Her daily prayer resides in God's grace Serving others from her heart sets the pace Making use of her talent, wisdom and skill From strengths and trust in Divine will. Gentle, compassionate, loving and strong

In this sisterhood Of success you want to belong Anything she puts her heart to she can do SSH?s not alone assist-?as you can too! The road to get here has been quite a ride "Call me 'Woman'-? it's my source of pride! " Come along, she's blazing' new trail A woman in business-?whom we all hail Studying at a prestigious institution as Hull International Business School will broaden my horizon and the outlook for my life. It will allow me to build on the skills and traits that I already own and develop new ones that will take me on the road to success full speed.

Women rarely hold highly influential leadership positions. I believe that women are just as capable of being successful leaders as men with the same abilities. If more women are allowed and encouraged to become leaders, it would create a wavelet effect throughout society. There is an imbalance in the business world between men and women leaders. It is very critical that women hold leadership position. Within the work environment there will be new perspectives and outlook on different situations. We have accepted the mental abilities that men and women are equal. Marie C.

Wilson in Closing the Leadership Gap: Add Women Change Everything said, "When look at issues face, and when I think of the need, I am as convinced as I have ever been that our future depends on the leadership of women - not to replace men but to transform our options alongside them. " These words that came forth is truly a divine statement. Women holding leadership positions isn't undermining men in influential positions but wanting to work hand in hand with them. You receive views from each person and ideas can be formulated and bought forth. It shouldn't be about male vs.. Male but about how we can all benefit.

Right now too much power is placed within the grasp of men and the masculine perspective. A survey from Right Management Consultants shows that the skill that companies most often seek in managers is the ability to motivate and engage others. These characteristics are displayed more from women. Ultimately, if women are in leadership positions with their male counterpart, the feminine qualities such as intuitive, compassionate and emotional nature will bloom. "The gateway to our intuitive wisdom and our connection to the rater landscape of humanity is emotions," quote Tabby Fiddle.

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