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Women In Science Essay

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I have only had two significant experiences with science, the Energy Academy and Physics class. Both experiences have changed my point of view in science forever.

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Women In Science Essay

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. Both of them with the same teacher but with two different outcomes. I have also have encountered science at the California Science Center in Los Angles. First will talk about my experience with science with Academy.

Before I joined Academy never even thought about joining the field of science and genealogy, but as I learned more about science and technology began to find it very interesting. We visited and talked to professionals in the field of energy science and I could not help but like it a lot. Think Independence high school has made a great decision about creating the Academy program, because now know that am interested in this field of science. I loved how Mrs.. Wolf was dedicated to the Academy and how she made sure that every student would succeed.

I believe that every student in the Energy Academy ins a lot of knowledge about science and technology. My second experience was with my sophomore year Physics class. I dreaded that class, because I rarely understood what was happening. I would go to class understand what she taught, but when a test came would not understand a single problem. Still got a good grade in the class, but struggled a lot, so decided never want to go in to a job that uses physics. It was not my teacher's fault that I did not understand the subject, I just did not comprehend it at all.

When I was a kid my school went to go visit the California Science Center, at the time lived in San Fernando Valley. I went to a magnet school with peers that were under privileged, including me as well. None of us have gone to places like the Science Center, and when we saw it we all thought it was the most magical place ever. The most memorable exhibit was the giant imitation human and side kick cartoon that talked about human organs. I thought it was the most amazing thing ever, and the thing that interested me he most was that how every single part of the body needed each other to survive.

The imitation and cartoon made me realize how was interested in the field of science, and as I grew up I became interested in the field of psychology

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