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Should Public Exams Be Abolished in Hong Kong?

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Should Public Exams Be Abolished In Hong Kong? Public examinations play an important role in a student‘s life, especially in Hong Kong. Nowadays, there is no other ways to promote into university in Hong Kong unless passing the examination. Students have to sit for 2 major public exams including The Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination(HKCEE) and The Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination(HKALE). Should public exams be abolished in Hong Kong? This topic is a hot issue that many parents and teachers discuss with the students.

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Since some people still believe the functions of public examination while some people argue that examination is not necessary. There are many different views of this hot issue. Personally, I strongly agree that examination is a good way to assess student, evaluate the education system and served as a motive to let students to study hard and get well preparation for the future competition. Public examination is a good way to assess student. Until now, it is the best and fastest way to assess and evaluate students.

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Students who fail the exams could not continue their studies while some students who attain the minimum request could promote to form 6 or universities. For instance, form 5 students have to get at least 14 marks in HKCEE(Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination) in order to promote form 6. Also, if form 7 students want to get into universities, they have to pass all the subject in HKALE(Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination). Otherwise, those failed students will be eliminated from their school.

Actually, the schools can find out the weakness and strength of the students from examinations because exams show what subjects the students are better at or not good at. Practice make perfect. Teachers can help students to improve their achievement by doing more exercises. At the same time, parents can supervise and remind their children to concentrate on studying. Examination can evaluate the education system. Actually, our Hong Kong Government would changes the education system according to students’ exam results. Students’ exam results reflect the efficiency of the education system.

If the education system is efficient, students’ exam results should be expected to be better. The government can improve the exam mechanism according to the results of the students. It's important to know if a person can memorize and apply the knowledge they have learned at school when they taking exams. According to Thomas Kellaghan(2004), ‘by providing a specification of clear goals and standards for teachers and students, they control the disparate elements of the education system, helping to ensure that all schools teach to the same standards. (p. 5) Besides, the schools can alter their educational orientation according to examination. Some students may feel confuse before exams or even after exams. Thus, schools can implement some education policy. For example, before exams, the schools can give more exercises for students to practices. After exams, the school can offer some specific classes of some subjects for those students who get a bad results in the exams. Government can also give guidelines to the schools and teachers in order to improve students’ achievements.

The government can give some reports or analysis about students’ exam results to every school. It’s important to know more about students’ study situation. According to John Simons (2005), examination served as a motive to let students to study hard and get well preparation for the future competition. As we know exams are important to the students, especially in Hong Kong, an international city in the world. We are not hardly to hear that many students said they have great pressures and stresses. But pressure building from exams sometimes become a motive for students to study hard.

Practice makes perfect and progress. This is the best sentences to remind students the right attitude. Moreover, exams train students’ ability to respond. Students sometimes have to answer the questions logically and critically, this can train their answering and responding skills. Since they have to solve different questions by themselves, this could train their problem solving skills. Also, exams help students to build up their confidence. If they can apply their knowledge and write it down correctly, they will have a good result which help them to make a high evaluation on themselves.

And the admiration of teachers and parents will give them a great confidence. Although there are many functions of examination, some people still agree that public exam should be abolished in Hong Kong. They point out that many students are under great pressure and stress because of examination. It is not hard to hear that some students commit suicide after they get the bad exam result. Indeed, exam would build up the pressure on students. But pressure could make a person progress. If there is no pressure, students may not study hard.

Besides, the pressures built on students are not only come from examination. It may comes from teachers or parents or even the society. Thus, pressure is not an excuse for abolishing the public exam. According to Candy Chan (2012), ‘Hok Yau Club, which supports students, has received a couple of calls from youngsters seeking help for exam-related stress. Senior social worker Kwok Man-fong has encouraged students to get in touch if they are experiencing anxiety. ’There are many ways to help students to relief their stress and psychological pressure.

Actually, the public exams still play an integral role in Hong Kong. Hong Kong could not progress without examination. There is no doubt that the function of exams is very important. The parents and the teachers should help students to get a great achievement in those exams. Also, students should have a positive attitude towards to the public examination. It absolutely should not be abolished in Hong Kong. It dominates the fate of the students. It reflects what students have learned at schools and it acts as a gate-keeper to select the students.

Thus, examination is a good way to assess student, evaluate the education system and served as a motive to let students to study hard and get well preparation for the future competition. Reference List : Thomas Kellaghan (2004). PUBLIC EXAMINATIONS,NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL ASSESSMENTS,AND EDUCATIONAL POLICY. Retrieved from http://siteresources. worldbank. org/INTAFRREGTOPSEIA/Resources/paper_Kellaghan. pdf John Simons (2005). The Study Culture In The Modern City. Boston,MA: Pearson Education Samuel J. T. (2009). The Importance Of Education. The Thomson Corporation Candy Chan (2012, March 29). New exams off to tricky start. The Standard

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