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Useful Tips For Your Essays & Exams

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Useful Tips for Essays & Exams

If you’re starting your exams this week, got presentations, or an innumerable number of essays to hand in. We wish you all the best.

For exams, remember to sleep early, wake up fresh, and go prepared to write your heart out.

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Useful Tips For Your Essays & Exams

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. Feel free to include your opinion and common sense in answering some questions.
For essays, make sure you answer the question, and if you are not sure, email us. Always include an introduction, body and conclusion, and funny as it may seem, having a table of contents, and a logical structure could gain you marks!!!

While answering an exam or essay question, remember this useful tip: Start with explaining what you want to write (Introduction), then write what you are meant to write (Body), and then summarise everything you just wrote (Conclusion).

Once again, sleep early for exams; answer your essay questions; avoid plagiarism at all cost; and contact us if you need any help.

Additional resources to assist you

Here are some additional resources on our site Journal to assist you. You may just want to take sometime out to read the short articles

Remember. This is just a sample.
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