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Why Conduct Research?

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Everything in this world has been studied by different researchers, it means that researching helps us to know a lot of things even the small things that we see. Merriam Webster defines research as a process of investigating or experimenting which aims to discover, interpret and revise facts and theories or laws in light of new facts. Many authors define research like Payton (1979), he says that research is a process of looking for an answer to specific questions in an organized objective. As what Payton says research has been really helping us to answer any questions that may occur in our minds. Research solve problems that are unsolved.

Curiosity is one of the big reason why we conduct research, we are researching as well as investigating to answer our curiosity. According to Kothari, (2006) that research is the way to know the truth with the help of studying, observing and experimenting; the search for knowledge through an objective in a systematic method to find the solutions to a problem. Research is used to solve an existing problem so that there will be a bigger number of people that will support the research and to solve the problem immediately (Serapio, M.A, 2016)

Research has been doing a big role in our world, because of research we may know many things like for example is about our ancestors, our culture, about the universe, technologies and many more. Through research, we may discover undiscovered things. Research is a way of gathering information, this information will lead us or help us to make a proper decision making. Research comprises creative work which is undertaken to increase our stock knowledge, this includes the knowledge of the humans, culture, and society (OECD, 2002).

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Aside from that research helps us in our everyday life, without research we may not know how to cook, to save money or to know what is right from wrong. Research leads us to the success of our life, our career without research we may not have our easiest way of transportation, new technologies, light and more. It helps us to change our world, through researching our daily lives becomes easy. Plato and Bluck, R.S (1962) say that "If you know what you are searching for, why do you search for it? If you don't know what you are searching for, what are you searching for?" This just tells us that we do research to know things because if we do know about it we will not do researching.

We conduct research to gain knowledge, to discover new things. Even the way we millennials search our idol in social media we already do researching because we are aiming a goal. Researching will help us to know the world, the universe rather. That's conducting research is very important to us.

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