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Major Sports Events: Are They Worth It?

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Now people are like to do sport. Not matter adult, children, man and woman also likes to do sports. Even if the work is very busy, or a lot of remedial classes also take the free time to do sports. This is our love of sport. Since ancient times, people are like sports. Then people love sport, they gradually formed a large-scale movement. Nowadays, there are two sports competition in the world largest. It is Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup. These international sporting will give many advantages to a country.

Hold international sporting events like the FIFA World Cup will become many advantages for a country. It will become improve growth of economy who are hold international sporting, then create more job, increase the relationship of other countries, and increase the image of a country. The first advantage of holding international sporting events is it creates more job opportunities for to the country. International sporting events need many sports centers, athlete hostels, hotels, car parks, restaurants, and others. So, human resources are needed to build the building.

People are also needed to work in the construction field, restaurant, and service. The country has host the international sporting must invite many workers to complete the competition. For example, hotels need many workers to service the tourist, restaurants need many waiter and chefs to service the tourist and to cook many delicious foods, transportation need many drivers like taxis, bus, private drivers, and others. Furthermore, human resources also need the guide to introduction their country. Hold the international sporting can become increase the relationship of other countries.

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It can exchange players to show their talent. They promote their countries players and then promote their culture. NBA is the example, it make many teams to invite many country’s players come to their country. So that can increase many people know their country. Then their country will increase the economic and crates more jobs to their commonwealth. Similarly, they can organize a competition about the international sporting. For example, FIFA World Cup, Olympic Games, Formula 1, Europe Cup, and others sports.

After the competition, the host country will enjoy many benefits from this competition. It can improve the economy growth of their country. Then it can lead to many business deals from all the world. This is because many other countries get to are know about this their country’s economy. So other countries are confident to do business with the host country. Then they countries can form good relationships in business. Likewise, they also can easily make transactions. For example China is a big developing country. It just hosted the Olympic Games in 2008.

Now it is a popular country in the world. At the same time, it is also a big brother in Asia for business. Moreover, the advantage of holding international sporting is improved growth of economy. After which country was hosted the international sporting. There can improve the currency at the time. For example, many tourists come to your country travel must change the currency. Multi-national currency may come in to your country. After that, the currency in your country will be growth up at the time. IN 2008 China, after it was finished hosted the Olympic Games.

After that, it improved growth of economy at the moment. Then, many tourists come to China for tourism. So, many tourists need change the currency after that just can use. In conclusion, the hold international sporting can enjoy many advantages. Otherwise, host international sporting may improve growth of economy and increase the image of a country. In future, many countries must try to host the international sporting. So, many countries just can increase the relationship of others country. Finally, there are many advantages of host international sporting events.

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