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Whateva Cafe Marketing Plan

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Executive summary
Since 13th century, the word ‘whatever’ had been used by people. ‘Whatever’ is the word always used by indecisive people who brings the meaning ‘anything will do’. We took that thought and used that as our concept. We want to ensure that customers who are dining with us only need to make minimum choices so that they do not need to hesitate long when making choices. This way time is saved because most of the customers expected are office staffs and students. Despite of their short dining session available, they still can enjoy the food. We plan to open one more outlet within the duration of a year. We use SWOT analysis to analyse our strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. We position ourselves as a restaurant that help customer reduce the hesitation needed to make choices. We also provide a changing set menu that be changed on daily basis. Our food is economical as the price set is based on the customer in that area who is consisting of mostly middle-class income customers. We are in the restaurant business which is normally distributed by giving customer service as in taking orders when they dine-in with us and we also provides delivery service when needed. We do advertising through giving out flyers, using ‘info blast’ and advertisement on our main website. Our target market is office staffs and students since there are many companies and a college nearby. Our expected starting capital will be around RM 300,000 which covers the rent, renovation, food ingredient and equipment. We have weekly and monthly meeting with all staffs to check on the restaurant’s progress and growth.

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Review of current situation
Review of the industry
In this hospitality industry, as a service provider we are responsible to provide good service and achieve the expectation of the customer. Instead of that, we should fulfil customer’s needs. From my investigation, the restaurant trends nowadays will be focus on prices, quality and portion of food, a variety choices of food, good service attitude, speed service, location, environment factor which includes comfortable place, cleanliness, attractive decoration and etc. There are many restaurants which serve breakfast; lunch and dinner value set which with appropriate price. To stay competitive in this business world, the competitor used different strategy to attract customer. For examples, old town making promotion on breakfast recently with a slogan “Pay less for more”. Besides that, Papa Rich using different strategy compared to Old Town for making promotion on breakfast with different slogan which is “The healthy way to start your day”. Economy recession nowadays, people who are low or middle income including student they will look for food that taste good and cheap. So, Old Town currently are using the breakfast promotion to attract customer who are low or middle income. As well as Papa Rich, they currently using others strategy which more on healthiness, this attract customers who are health-conscious. Brand history

Nowadays, people like to utilize the word “Whatever” in decision making, whether on food or destinations. Since 13th Century, the word ‘whatever’ is used. Therefore, we take the idea of “Whatever” which means anything and place the concept into food. With that, customer will not have to choose their meals as curiosity will tell them about the food. The food is different everyday and description of the food is not written in the menu, it will be notify only upon customer’s query.

Review of Competition
Our major competitor will be OldTown White Coffee. The OldTown White Coffee is the largest kopitiam restaurant chain in Malaysia. Its main headquarters is in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. Established in 1999, OldTown Berhad (“OldTown”) manufactures instant beverage mixes and products, in addition to operating over 200 café outlets throughout Malaysia and the region currently. OldTown is the proprietary owner of the special formulation of 3-in-1 white coffee blend, which has been permeating Malaysian households and food service industry since 1999. In 2005, OldTown expanded into the food service sector with the opening of a chain of café outlets based on the traditional Ipoh coffee shop setting and ambience under the brand name “Old Town White Coffee”. All of the outlets are located in high traffic and high visible location. OldTown now exports its instant beverage mixes to more than 10 countries worldwide and plans to expand its café outlet network in the region. OldTown also uses TV, internet and radio to promote their coffee blend. OldTown price their product using the psychological pricing method such as the food in the cafe outlet: supreme set RM9.90 onwards, set meal from RM3.90.

A review of distribution
Old Town's history can be traced back to the incorporation of white cafe in 1999,with the intention to provide quality white coffee to Malaysian households and the food services industry/ the co-founders and Executive Directors, Mr Goh Ching Mun and Mr Tan Say Yap formulated their own blend of three in one instant white coffee and commenced manufacturing in 1999. With more than ten years of experience in the coffee beverage industry, both the co-founders were instrumental in the growth of the Oldtown Group of companies. They are supported by Mr Lee Siew Heng, the Group Managing Director who played a significant role in implementing the overall vision, strategy and development of the Oldtown Group. In 1999, they successfully commercialised the instant three in one coffee mix under the 'Oldtown' brand name for the retail sector. As at 31 October 2009, the 'Oldtown' three in one instant coffee mix was sold in approximately 550 retail outlets in Singapore and approximately 2100 retail outlets in Hong Kong. In 2000, they commenced their first export of the 'Oldtown' brand of three in one instant coffee mix to Singapore.

By end of 2009, the OldTown 3-in-1 instant coffee mix was sold at 1,348 retail outlets in Malaysia, 550 retail outlets in Singapore and 2,100 retail outlets in Hong Kong. In 2005, it expanded vertically into the food services sector by opening a chain of cafe outlets based on the traditional Ipoh coffee shop setting and ambience under the ‘OldTown White Coffee’ brand name. Since the opening of its first café outlet in Ipoh in 2005, its chain of cafe outlets has expanded to around 160 cafe outlets in Malaysia and Singapore. This includes fully and partially owned, and franchised cafe outlets. The management has successfully mixed tradition with modern conveniences, revamped and revived the traditional café concept into a successful working model with outlets conveniently located and easily accessible to customers.

SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis is a method used to identify one organization’s strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. This method will help a new organization to position themselves from other competitors. Strength is internal resources that can be used to produce a competitive advantage. Weakness is the characteristic of internal environment that will place the organization at a position that will be disadvantage in relative to others. Opportunities are revealing new opportunities that can improve the organization’s profit and growth by analyzing the external environment. Threat is the changing external environment that might bring threat to the organization. Strength

provide high quality service to the diners
provide a unique environment for the diners
provide unique products
economy products

The business is still new in the industry
Require more advertising through “word-of-mouth”
Not familiar to customer preferences

Concentrate on office staff and student markets
Reduce diners time in thinking of what to eat
Have a chance for growth in that area as we are at a different type from our competitors nearby

New restaurants might come in to that area
Economic slowdown
Increasing resource costs
Increasing labor costs
Changing of consumer’s habits of dining

Marketing objective and goals
The main objective of this restaurant is to remove diners’ hesitation in choosing food that they want to eat. We overcome that by reducing available choices for the food and diners just have to “pick and pair” with the menu available on that day. This will greatly reduce the ordering time and food can be sent faster to cope with our main target market diner’s short dining session. The second objective is opening one new outlet within the period of one year. This will improve the restaurant’s growth as more outlets will generate more ideas and know better about diner’s preferences. Marketing Strategy

We are a new business. Therefore, to attract more customers, a strong and motivating positioning has to be made to create a positive view of the business in customer’s eyes. In short, positioning is creating a brand that is different from others which will attract customer to the product. “Whatever” is a term that has always been used by indecisive people. Therefore, with that in mind, we used that idea and created a brand with that name. We incorporate the term into our menu. When a customer orders a “Whatever” we will give the customer the Set-of-the-Day. Hence, we want to build a strong image in customer’s mind about us by using the term “Whatever”. When customer thinks about what to eat and having headache because of choices, they will immediately remember about our brand as we solve that problem of too many choices. In other restaurants, their menu only changes maximum every week. Normally, the menu only changes monthly or never change. Hence, customers tend to get bored with the foods served. Therefore we ensure that the Set-of-the-Day food will not be the same every day. This will keep the customer’s curiosity for the food that they will get.

Product strategy
Besides the Set-of-the-Day menu, we also provide other foods if the customer doesn’t wants the set meal. The food range is from salads, soup, sandwich, rice, pasta, Western foods, dessert and hot and cold beverages. The price range is from RM 5 onwards. Pricing strategy

Our product price is economy. We put the food price cheap to make it affordable to all customers ranging from poor, middle-class to the rich. Since we are using economy strategy, it is best paired with market penetration strategy as it goes for low price to attract more customers. We will focus on getting more customers to increase the restaurant’s turnover rate. Our food price range is from RM 5 to RM 20. Distribution strategy

Our business is a food and beverage business which is a restaurant. We distribute our product which is food by taking order from the customer who is dining in. Then, we deliver the food to the customer through waiter’s hand to the customer’s table. We also provided delivery service to our main target market which is office staffs and students. They call us to make their order and we will deliver the product to them. In 6 months time, online ordering will be made available for the ease of the customers. Since, there is delivery, there will be distribution costs. Hence, all delivery will be charge RM 2 extra as the delivery charge. Marketing communication strategy

Marketing communication strategy help create brand awareness, which is customers perception about the business’s product attribute in the market. One of the most commonly used ways is advertising. We can give out flyers to the office staffs and students around the business location to let them know and get information about the business. The other way is to use “info blast” method by sending information to customers email. We can also do advertising on our main website.

Marketing strategy
Our main product sold is food. It is divided into many different types. They are salads, soup, rice, pasta, Western food and dessert. As for beverage, we have hot and cold beverage. Our food price range from RM 5 to RM 20 depends on what type of food is being ordered. As for the beverage pricing, all is in the range of RM 5. Our business is opened at Berjaya Times Square floor LG or 3rd Floor. Therefore, it is located near companies and colleges. Hence, expected customers are office staffs and students. Since it will be new opening, we will be having promotion of 50% discount for the 1st week to
let the customer taste the food and for us to identify customer’s preference as well.

Target market?
Our business is located nearby companies and colleges. Therefore, our main target markets are office staffs and students. We provided fast service on both service and preparation of the food. This is most suitable for their short dining session.

Action Plan
First of all, we started with our planning which took about 6 months of time. After that, we communicate with the Berjaya Times Square’s Management about having the LG floor shop lots and about the price of the rent. Besides, we also asked about the price to show advertisement around Times Square. The estimated capital needed is RM 300,000.00. Hence, we borrowed a business loan of RM 250,000.00 and the rest by our own. Then, we contacted our suppliers to find out about the ingredient prices and equipment prices and start to make order for them to be place at the restaurant. Besides, discuss with designers on the renovation of the place. Next, I will create the website for the restaurant for customer to search online about us and make deliveries orders when available. When the website is ready, advertisement will start to go up to the website. Besides that, 1 or 2 employees will be asked to go around Times Square to distribute flyers. Since, this is a new start business, 1st month will be a loss as the new equipment, rent, ingredients and testing phase for the foods and promotion when applicable. However, as the business continues when it is stable, the loss will slowly decrease, reaches the break-even point and change to profit in the end. Budgets



Estimated Revenue


100 Salad (RM7x100)

Shared Capital Employed

100 sandwich (RM7x100)

100 soups (RM6x100)


200 pasta (RM10 x 200)

Stove (whole set)

100 Chicken Chop (RM9.90x100)
100 Fish ; Chips (RM10.90x100)
50 Lamb Chop (RM10.90x50)
50 Beef Chop (RM12.90x50)
50 Mix (Lamb and Chicken) (RM12.90 x50) 50 Mix (Fish and Chicken) (RM11.90 x50) 4,510.00

Oil absorption machine

200 Asian delight (RM7x200)


100 snacks (RM5x100)


20 Snack combo (RM15x20)

Cashier Machine

20 Seafoof combo (RM20x20)

Air conditional

100 dessert (RM5 x100)

20 Brownie (RM7x 20)


800 Hot beverage (RM5x800)

Lot Rental

800 Cold beverage (RM6x800)


2 waiters

2 Kitchen staff

1 chef


balance c/d

balance b/d

Controlling process has to be done at least once to twice per week and preferably every day. Controlling can be done in many ways. The simplest and most widely used will be small meeting with all the staff and discuss about the profit or loss of the business and what can be done to increase income. Besides, the employees can also discuss their personal problems or problems met during operation and from there everyone will be able to learn each other’s mistakes. When there are issues in staffing such as staff is always late or taking medical leave, I will sit down and communicate with the staff to know what I can do to help him solve the problem of coming late or etc. Besides, giving proper training to new staffs to ensure they can accomplish the tasks efficiently. Besides, I will also manage the inventory to ensure everything is in order to prevent pilferage. As the inventory is the most expensive item in the budget list and expenses. The more pilferage the more expenses it will be. I will check to ensure that stocks are on par, and restock the inventory when needed.

1. Menu
ONE Salad/Soup/Sandwich/Drink
ONE Main Course(Rice/Pasta) RM 10
Choice of Vegetarian/Chicken/Fish and Spicy/Non-Spicy
Homemade Chicken Caesar SaladRM7
Special Caesar Salad with egg, croutons and topped with slide roasted chicken and toasted bread. Fresh Garden Salad RM7
Fresh crisp garden salad topped with homemade dressing
Tuna Salad RM8
Crisp salad served with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, egg and Tuna on top. Chicken Salad RM8
Crisp salad served with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, egg and sliced chicken on top. *Dressing: Thousand island, mayonnaise

Whatever Sandwich RM7
Special triple decker sandwich filled with chicken, Tuna, Ham, cheese, fresh tomato and crisp salad. Club Sandwich RM7 Sandwich filled with fresh tomato, chicken, egg, crisp salad and mayonnaise. Ham Sandwich RM7 Slice chicken ham with fresh tomato and egg.

Chicken pie RM7 Hot piping pie with mash potato and special homemade gravy

Fresh mushroom soup RM6
Fresh selection of finest mushroom cream soup with side bread Tomato soup RM6 Fresh selection of tomato cream soup.
ABC soup RM6 Served with chicken stock, sweet corn, potato, tomato and slide onion Tom yam (Chicken/ Fish/Seafood) RM6/RM7/RM8
Traditional Thai soup served with Chicken/Fish/Seafood and vegetables. Soup of the day RM6

Chicken Bolognaise RM10 Cooked with perfection with minced chicken, vegetables and sprinkle with cheese Beef Bolognaise RM10 Cooked with perfection with minced beef, vegetables and sprinkle with cheese Aglio Olio RM10 Cooked with olive oil, sliced chicken Ham and fresh prawn

Carbonara RM10 Creamy chicken ham pasta
Seafood pasta RM10 Rich tomato based pasta with fresh seafood
Creamy Mushroom sauce pasta RM10
Cooked with finest selection of mushroom
“Kong bou” pasta with chicken chop RM10
Fried pasta served with deep fried chicken chop

Chicken Chop RM 9.90
Fish ; Chips RM 10.90
Lamb Chop RM 10.90
Beef Chop RM 12.90
Mix (Lamb and Chicken) RM 12.90
Mix (Fish and Chicken) RM 11.90

WITH 2 Side plate
Sweet corn
Mash potato
French fries
Asian Delight
Nasi lemak RM7 All time Malaysian favorite dish served with curry chicken, fried anchovies, peanut, egg and homemade sambal. Green curry chicken RM7 Thai style curry chicken served with acar and steamed white rice Mamak noodle RM7 Malaysian fried noodles with homemade sambal, chicken, egg and vegetables Chinese fried rice RM7 Oriental fried rice with added chicken and prawn

Sweet and sour chicken/ Fish RM7
Traditional sweet and sour chicken/fish accompanied with tangy lemon sauce and served with steamed rice Honey chicken/Fish rice RM7
Honey glazed chicken deep fried to perfection and served with steamed rice Lemon chicken/Fish rice RM7
Chicken/fish served accompanied with tangy lemon sauce and steamed rice. Potato and chicken rice RM7
Potato and chicken served with special soya sauces.
Black pepper Chicken/Fish rice RM7
Stir fried chicken with crushed black pepper and served with steamed rice Snack
French fries RM5
Mash potato RM5
Breaded Onion ring RM5
Chicken boxing RM5
Crabstick roll RM5
Garlic bread RM5
Coleslaw RM5
Calamari Ring RM5
Deep fried prawn RM5
Seafood Combo RM20
Snack comboRM15

Brownie RM7
Lemon Sea coconut RM5
Mini Fruit tart(5ps) RM5
Cake of the day RM5
Seasonal item
“Tong sui” of the day RM5
Menu change daily

Hot Beverage
Latte RM5
Cappuccino RM5
Black coffee RM4
Hot chocolate RM5
Milo (cold / Hot) RM5
Jasmine teaRM5
Chinese tea RM1.50

Cold beverage
Sherry temple RM5
Ice lemon tea RM5
Peach tea RM5
Honey lemon juice RM6
Orange juice RM6
Apple juice RM6

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