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What Is Good Architecture

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How do you acknowledge something as "Good Architecture"? In Cesar Pelli's "Connections", he narrowed down eight "connections" of architecture with the world, which, when given importance, could help shape a good building. These connections can be helpful to architects and those who aspire to be one as he conveniently enumerated the factors, based on his observations, on how to have a good architecture.

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What Is Good Architecture

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. He described this connection that architecture should go along with the modern architecture. However, for me, as long as the traditional building styles belong to a place and has an improved construction, I think that these structures should still be built as it preserves the cultural identity of that location. One example of how modern architecture disrupts the vibe of the surrounding buildings is the Buenaventura Garcia Paredes, O.P. Building in the University of Santo Tomas.

Passersby often described the design of this building as out-of-place because of its modern look compared to the other buildings in the university. On the other hand, the buildings in Calle Crisologo located in Vigan is an example of structures that ignored the connection 'time', but still doesn't give off a disconnected feeling as its design, even the newly-built structures, suits the environment of the place.

Throughout time, the meaning of "Good Architecture" was never definite. ("What Is Good Architecture?", n.d.) Aside from what I mentioned above, I applaud Cesar Pelli's writing of "Connections" as he clearly defined on how the eight connections contribute to a good architecture, especially when he cited some of his works that demonstrated his use of the eight "connections". I also liked how the author didn't limit the other architects as he mentioned that some may opt to have more or lesser "connections" than his

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