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What Changes Have Technology Brought

Essay Topic:

With the use of technology and the Internet, it has made our lives a bit easier.Cell phones and the Internet are by far the most influential.Paying bills, for example, has become easier and convenient because with a simple click of a mouse your bill can be paid.

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And still even better than that, with the invention of the new Iphone, you can now pay your bills from your phone. Having these new inventions we no longer have to waste time or gas on having to pay our bills. Also research has become much faster with the help of the Internet.

We do not have to look through mounds and mounds of books to get information; we can just search for it online and get a whole bunch of information in less than 3 seconds. Businesses have also benefited from technology. Technology is being used to provide valuable information they can use to help make better decisions to run and organize the day to day running of their business. Businesses store records and documentations on their computers. They can also order supplies by placing an order through the phone or by using the Internet.

Businesses use technology to help produce the product they are selling, use technology to advertise the product and also use technology to ship the product they are selling. Technology is everywhere and it has brought advantages that have impacted everyone in some way shape or form. I think that in ten years technology will continue to expand and improve. There will be easier and faster ways to diagnose and treat cancer. They have just came out with 3D television and I’m sure computers are to follow.

I think in 10 years technology will bring a lot of change to education. Today we have the choice of taking online classes but I think that will expand into something like virtual classes. We will be able to get lectured through a computer screen or through any kind of monitor. They have recently started putting GPS tracking devices on students to ensure that they are going to school I think that maybe that will grow into a facial recognition software that will track your every move. This will further help police officers in catching criminals.

More and more into the future I think technology will bring more environmental friendly cars. All cars will eventually run on electricity. I also think that eventually robots will be driving our cars for us. The cars will be able to detect everything from lane markers to stop signs by using satellite imaging. I think that it will be able to deal with children running on the street and pedestrians far better than any humans because the reaction time of a robot will be much more precise. Robots will eventually run everything and they will have a great impact on our lives.

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