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Modern Technologies Have Brought Positive Changes in The Country

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Oman is an Arab country situated at the Southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It is filled with a wide variety of natural sceneries thus considered to be the most beautiful country in the region. Oman is a country that would leave its visitors thirsty for more. The beautiful nature, lakes and mountains make the country to be a tourist attraction to many across the world. Just to mention a few, we have the Sahtan valley which is situated under the north wall of the highest mountain of Oman Jabel Ash Sham. Most people plan a number of hikes activities when visiting the area. We also have the Wadi Ash Shab. It is believed to be the most beautiful places that anyone planning to visit the country should first visit the place. Visiting the place is like entering a land of fairytale. Just right next to the sea we have a valley that one can easily access swimming pools. It is an attractive place especially for someone who would wish to relax and clear their heads.

Bandar Khayran is another tourist attraction site. The area is located 40 kilometers east of Muscat. The area has access to stunning beaches hence suitable for visitors who would wish to swim and enjoy themselves. Truly, Jabal Alkhdar and Salalah are considered to be unique attraction areas in Oman. Jabal Alkhdar is the largest upland in the western Hajar Mountains of the Sultanate of Oman usually referred to as the Green mountain. The area experiences two type of rainfall seasons. The winter season which happens as from the month of November through March and the summer season which starts from mid-June through mid-September. As a result, the average annual temperature is usually 10-12 degrees Celsius. Hence this explains why the area is usually cold. During winter the temperature drops up to 0 degrees Celsius. Salalah is known to be cloudy during the monsoon months which are July and August thus the area is usually cold. During these monsoon months, the areas brown land transforms into a beautiful green area.

It is true that Oman is known for its beautiful nature. Hence most people tend to perceive that this fact is the contributing factor to its development and current state of infrastructure. However, I tend to disagree. Oman has over the years proven that it is not all about beautiful nature. For instance, the country produces its own oil. Petroleum production began in August 1967.This is one of the reasons why the county’s GDP per capita has increased over the years. The increase in oil prices has also enabled the country’s economic performance to grow. Agriculture is another economic activity in the country. The Oman people are known to be farmers and have not abandoned their traditional way of life which includes fishing and planting. The most grown plants in the country are dates and limes which contribute greatly to the country’s export. Other crops such as coconut and bananas are also grown. The country also engages itself in poultry farming and the activity is gradually rising in the country. Hence, it is clear that there is more to Oman other than its beauty and nature.

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Most people mistake Oman’s buildings and architecture to be old. These is because most of the buildings were built many years ago. Also the designs and materials used are perceived to be old for instance use of woods. Some buildings are designed in such a way that they cannot allow penetration of sunlight and as a result the user of those buildings are forced to use lamp lights even during the day. Many people in Oman do not feel or appreciate the country’s modern technology. Some also feel that modern technology has come to take away most employment opportunities since people prefer use of technology other than manpower.

In reality, the country has the most explicit Arabian architecture with unique designs and decorations. Oman's architectural designs are a mark of the country’s beautiful culture and a symbol of its origin and history. For instance, we have the Muttrah souq. It is one of the oldest and most well-known souqs. It architectural design includes wooden decorated roofs and entrances. This represents the country’s ancient style of architecture hence should not be seen as old but should be regarded as a souvenir. There is also the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque which was established in 2001. The mosque is known by many since it covers an area of more than 450,000 square meters. The inside of the mosque has the second largest carpet in the world. The mosque has beautiful decorated walls and arches.

I believe that modern technology has brought about positive changes in the country. For instance, through modern technology, Oman people can interact with people from other regions via the internet. Also through modern technology, the people can access advanced healthcare as a result increasing their life expectancy rate. Also, due to advanced technology especially in the police department, the country is able to regulate traffic hence reducing the number of accidents likely to occur.

This move has saved a number of lives. The country has also established a name for itself because of its advanced airline with the state of the art modern technology. It is now clear that Oman is not all about beauty and nature. There is more to it. From its advanced technology to farming activities and also the production process. The country is filled with hardworking people who thrive to improve the country’s economy and take it to the next level. It would be best for one to visit the country and see for himself or herself what the country of Oman is all about.

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