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What additions could be made to the J&J LIFEWORKS program?

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The J&J Lifeworks programs have a comprehensive and extensive scope. Both the professional and personal life of an employee had been the focus and emphasis of this program. The main objective of this program is to make the lives of Johnson &Johnson’s employees and their families more productive, healthy and balanced (Brown & Harvey, 2005, p. 255). Almost all of the aspects of an employee’s life had been included in the Lifeworks program.

However, it seemed that an integral part of an employee’s life which is career progression had been slightly ignored. Career development should also be included in the program in order to motivate their employees to do better with regards to their performance. By doing so, a healthy employee can also be an accomplished professional. The merging of these two key elements can produce a fruitful working relationship between the employer and employee.

As a result, a consumer’s needs and wants are addressed. 2. Must a company have a culture like J&J’s in order to implement a successful wellness program? Johnson &Johnson is one of the most successful companies around the world. Their orientation as a producer of health care products and a provider of health care services made them a an international household name to many consumers. The top-ranking performance of the company can be attributed to their employees and their advocacy to promote wellness.

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More so, the importance that Johnson &Johnson have given to their employees made their consumers think and feel that Johnson &Johnson is not merely just concern about profits and the business itself but is more engaged in manufacturing high quality products that can be both beneficial for the company and their target consumers. As Robert Johnson had said, “We believe our first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses and patients, to mothers and fathers and all others who use our products and services. In meeting their needs, everything must be of high quality” (Brown & Harvey, 2005, p. 256).

By embracing this concept, Johnson &Johnson had been hailed as one of the “most communally and environmentally responsible company” (Brown & Harvey, 2005, p. 256). Based on the efforts and accomplishments of Johnson &Johnson, the immense interest in health welfare was a significant factor in the success of their wellness program. Johnson &Johnson’s knowledge about health maintenance and protection resulted to the formulation of extensive and invigorating health programs that significantly changed the lives of their employees.

In conclusion, Johnson &Johnson’s culture was one of the elements that contributed to the success of the wellness programs. However, companies that do not have similar backgrounds as Johnson &Johnson can also promote the same programs as long as those companies prioritize the welfare of their human resources rather than monetary profit. 3. How can a company’s culture help it to set up a wellness program? Companies can set up a wellness program if they recognize the issue of the health care condition of their employees.

More so, if companies believe that their employees are the foundation of the organization, it is only natural that they render services to their employees that would enable them to work more efficiently and more productively. Furthermore, the many natures of the business whether telecommunications, automotives, publishing and others, are not anymore the crucial factors that determine the need to implement wellness programs. It had been the desire to improve and refine the lives of people as employees and as individuals that motivated companies to implement wellness programs.

However, having a business background on health like Johnson &Johnson is also advantageous in securing successful and effective wellness programs because the combination of knowledge about health and desire to produce superior health care products is enough to drive a company to maintain and improve their employees so as to satisfy their customers and at the same time gain some profits.


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What additions could be made to the J&J LIFEWORKS program? essay

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