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Weekly Funding Roundup – Startups That Got Lucky This Week!

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According to a latest report published by CB Insights and KPMG last week,  Q3 saw VC-backed funding, down14 percent and $24.1 billion invested across 1,983 deals globally, representing a very slight deal increase from the previous quarter. 

However, India on the other hand had reasons to cheer! The third quarter saw stability return to the funding environment. Domains like fintech, heath-tech, and other consumer tech areas have received the warmth of investor support.

"The investment environment in India is becoming stable with clearer business models emerging in the startup ecosystem," says Partner, E-Commerce and Startups at KPMG, Sreedhar Prasad.

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Weekly Funding Roundup – Startups That Got Lucky This Week!

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.  News-based startup has raised $1.5 million amount of seed funding from an undisclosed investor on Friday.

Bengaluru-based women’s health app, raised an undisclosed round of funds from Rajan Anandan, vice-president, Google, Southeast Asia and India.

Postman, the platform that helps developers build, test, document, and share their APIs at a faster pace, raised $7 million in funding from Nexus Venture Partners.

Adventure travel startup , which owns and operates camp site aggregator Deyor Campus, has raised $500,000 from a bunch of early-stage investors.

U.S. private equity giant KKR via its pan-Asia  investment platform Emerald Media decided to pump in $50 million of investments in YuppTV, a home-grown content provider for the India diaspora which provides content provider for South Asian Content, as live TV, Catch-up TV, and Unlimited Movies

Indian Oil Corp has launched a Rs

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