We The People

“We the People… ” Marked the opening of the country of America. These three words are the first three words written on the constitution which is known to be the framework of which this country is run. A country that gives all the promises of “liberty”, “justice”, “property”, and “life” through this document. This Is a document that has said they will give all in a secular manner. All matters that involve religion will not govern the country.

If this said to be true, than certain practices such as Insuring Justice, does not come into agreement with their secular statement. This does not account for all forms of Insuring Justice but only for parts. The classification of crime Is divided Into two parts, the misdemeanors and the felony, Misdemeanors are punished with the use of temporary Isolation from society gall), mandatory aiding of the society (community services or reprimanding the Individual from the liberties of life.

On the other side of crimes, a felony could also be punished using any of the methods mentioned afore, but In the case where one’s life or liberty has been harmed. The methods are taken to a level of punishment higher than that of a misdemeanors; “death or imprisonment in excess of one year” (Defenestration. Com). Sentencing a person convicted of a felony to death is legal in some states and illegal in others.

The death penalty is decided for those who commit crimes such as “First-degree murder with special circumstances; sabotage; train wrecking causing death; treason; perjury causing execution of an innocent person; fatal assault by a prisoner serving a life sentence” in some state or in the case of most states as long as en has committed capital murder with a certain number of aggravating circumstances. Some states have abolished the death penalty while others are in pending state where advocates of abolishing this form of punishment state that it is “too costly and time consuming” (Death Penalty Information center).

The removal of the death penalty is not an argument of whether or not it is moral or constitutional, but if is financially efficient. The death penalty is service of Justice in which the problem that has harmed not only those involved directly but the community as a hole is removed. The only goal that has been reached by this conclusion Is that the problem is no longer evident. Has Justice really been served to the one that has been deceased? Using the bases of the Constitution to run this country on the subject of legality, religion is not involved but the factual evidence of science would.

Scientifically speaking, after the human passes away, the human body decomposes underground (“What Happens to Our Body After Death”) and this would leave the true victim and the defendant on the same level. Neither would suffer more than the other since both are no longer living, the only ones that would gain from the situation Is those who are alive. If the law of the land promises all what they were given from birth, this Is a form of justice that will not make the mark. The law should stick to that which it has promised not only benefiting those who are alive but those who left as well.

Knowing what the one that has left is impossible but that person should not be made of equal to the one that has caused the misfortune. The correctness is punishment of the written. The Constitution is a secular document free of religious attribution since “the U. S. Government derives from people, as it clearly states in the preamble: “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union…. “” (Walker, “The Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense founded on the Christian religion”). Works Cited “Crimes Punishable by the Death Penalty. ” Death Penalty Information Center.

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