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Warbings Office Systems Plc

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Change in the globalization era has been very necessary at various levels of management and institutions in order to adjust to the dynamic world. Though Warbing office systems company has grown from 19th century where it acted as a printing shop and developed well since it's inception, massive leadership and management changes is required for faster development in the world. The role of effective human resource management to take the company through change is very important as it determines the true position of the company in the future.

Explicit scenario planning and change management strategies have been applied to the organization leading to it's current position (Bessie et al 2008). Led by its captivating mission the company products has an increasing demand all over UK and Europe. Organizational culture, structure, operation strength and weaknesses formed the basis of the overall change that improved greatly the outlook and demand of the products. Warbings Office Systems Plc change has been integrative as different aspects has had to be addressed simultaneously within the required time frame necessary for the change to be effective.

Transformational and Incremental change has been inevitable as the company since starting in the 19th century as a printing shop was in great desire to grow therefore merging with others to expand it's growth in the office and home supplies to the available market base (Gerald 2007). Understanding the perception that change is the core aspect in the business survival globally, the company has increased the products range that it offers to the consumers to include more options in order to reach more people in the market (Leopold 2005).

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Besides, the company has changed its manner of operation by improving its overall image to reflect the modern status. It boasts of being modern while maintaining it's prior identity, a principle which have been very useful in branding it's products since it's inception (Bessie et al 2008). Then vast of the company changes have been developmental and anchored on resources availability as indicated by the companies mission of offering effective professional and home supplies. In this case, the company intends to improve the range of the products numbers that it offers in the market.

Indeed the number of the products that it has put in the catalogue is far higher than the number of the products that they hold in their stores. The situation is intended to be made more consumer oriented than before by making sure that the consumers can actually enjoy the large number of services that the company will offer (Bessie et al 2008). To add to that, the company as a developmental strategy has made the management be involved in every layer of management and the employees as well in a top bottom approach manner where communication was increased and the decision making greatly enhanced (Leopold 2005).

It was decided that the management should actually concentrate on consolidating the current company status as opposed to further expansion. Planned remedial change to increase control has helped the company to make the current impact in the increased sales through it's major priorities of enhancing competitiveness and rationalization of staff. With the focus on capturing the European market, it has shifted to electronic communication with major improvement in the recording systems of the sales, staff and reinventing the call centrers for the consumers.

Though the system of enhanced surveillance has been considered as impersonal by majority of the employees, the management emphasises that it is important for improving the main focus and objective of the business. New IT department was introduced within the company aimed at enhancing uniformity in the staff management at al it's branches (Peytterson 2007). Through this system also, the Intranet interface was increased raising the consumers company relationship in different regions and moments. It raised the sales of the company in the region therefore improving the overall financial ability of the company to expand.

Problems associated with the company changes. As a result to these changes being effected in the company, various problems have resulted as employees tend to be resistant to change. They see the new monitoring system as an intrusion and non trust system from the management (Black et al 2002). While the management regard this surveillance as a tool to assist the employees concentrate and improve the focus towards the production and raising the status of the company, a conflict arose making a rift between them and the leaders.

The culture of change by the employees appear to be missing and the management should have increased their direct relationship with the employees for better understanding of the expected change. The management also have constant pressures in the change and development of the company as the demand to hit the target and increase the sales from the company increases. All changes in the company are designed to raise their profits and therefore increase the market as well as the operating capital in all areas of operation (Peytterson 2007).

In the warbling office systems, the managers had to push their juniors to move extra miles in their working to meet the high set targets (Peter et al 2005). As a result of the non-cooperation by employees and line managers, they resulted to taking sickness leaves prompting the management to terminate some of their employment. A structured approach to the new system was inferior as many of the employees relieved of their jobs had long term experience in the company and should have been considered as important assets. Increased building awareness as a management tool should therefore have been employed to increase their adaptability.

Dynamic conservation in change management increases the employees confidences and enhances their identity with the company. To add to that, the management and the employees had a big problem in that the communication channels were poorly instituted all through. While the young men relied on commissions to maintain their income and considered themselves as the most important in the company as they made the direct sales, the Chief Executive Officer considered them as only increasing the total cost to the company. The salaries that offered by the company to the employees are low reducing their morale to work in the company.

Horizontal communication between these employees who are top marketers has been broken down and their views are different from those of the management (Peytterson 2007). As indicated earlier, the employees sickness rates increased with about 12% making the managers to relief some of them their jobs. CEO's approach to change management. ' The CEO's approach to the company's change as prompted by initial entry, afction planning and implementation, has been highly effective as the company achieved major growth both in capital formation as well as it's market share that was soon projected to grow to the whole of Europe.

He understood the importance of lean management and reduction of the overall wastes from the consumers which not only saved the available resources but maintained a clear basement and reserve for immediate future use. As the company continued to expand, the employees surveillance would increase their productivity to the company (Leopold 2005). Besides, he introduced the monthly competition that would put the employees on their toes. This would enhance their morale to meet and exceed different targets set for them. Also, the new set targets had established a new system of communicating with the staff electronically in newsletters.

New Human resources manager and an assistant appointment, indicated his decisiveness to analyse and the ability to control and handle crisis while instigating the necessary measures that the company required for faster growth. His time consciousness and firm approach assisted in propelling the company to even the high unexpected levels. However, there was lack of consultation in the decision making and perceptions established to put new human resource manager which made the new appointees to start having differences immediately after commencing their work.

With the role of management in the change process being to identify changes and initiate programs, the CEO, had assessed the situation locally and regionally in Europe thus establishing the best new possible ways of increasing production like the new electronic communication and competition within the company. He is careful to deal with sudden changes as he quickly put the HR and his assistant to deal with union rebellion (Harigopal 2006). He understood that people tend not to follow instructions even where they are simplistic prompting establishment of surveillance system.

To ad to that, the CEO's approach to the problems that faced the company indicated his good leadership qualities in that all the grievances that were being raised, he considered them to enhance the company performance. While seeking clarification to different aspects, he considered flexibility in the working and establishment of the shift system in the company. To add to that it is clear that the management under the leadership of the CEO was highly integrative in increasing knowledge and awareness through training programs and increased communication systems (Leopold 2005).

Employees involved in direct production and processing the consumer products are the most important assets that the company can ever have, therefore the CEO and his new HR and his assistant, considered health and safety as well as addressing the heavy handedness of the management in the company. The CEO's approach therefore assisted in redesigning the company's vision, that were necessary in unleashing the energy in the production and management system as well as freeing and building the structural controlling behaviour for the company to achieve it's goals.

As indicated by his decisiveness in installing new systems and adopting modern systems, he is intelligent and highly envisioned to make the company boundaries grow beyond Britain. His approach is also assertive and risk taking in that he creatively derives the best way to deal with the oncoming problems while focussing on the future of the business (Leopold 2005). He is able to handle mess and strongly driven by the company vision and goals. He strengthened the management by appointing a full time HR and an assistant to deal with all the employees upcoming issues.

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