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War Horse Movie Review

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Macaulay I had the honor of watching War Horse' in my history class, this movie came out in December of 2011 This amazing film was directed by Steven Spielberg, the top three actors were Jeremy Irvine, Tom Hedonistic, and Benedict Cumberland.

Darkroom,1 914: Even against if wife's Narrator who Is farmer, buys a thoroughbred horse rather than a work horse, when his teenaged son Albert trains the horse and calls him Joey, You couldn't break them apart, when his crops falls, the farmer sell Joey for the way and he Is shipped to France where, after escapes he Is featured by the Germans and changed hands twice before he Is found.

When He runs he gets caught In the barbed wire In No Man's Land a few years later and Is freed, He gets brought back behind British lines where Albert, WHO has enlisted In the war and Is now a private, has been temporarily blinded by gas, but still somehow recognized Joey. However, as the war has ended they declared Joey Is set to be auctioned off, after he is sought be auctioned off, The Grandfather of a little girl who had Joey in the beginning of the movie buys Joey, But when he realized That Joey truly longs to Albert, he kindly returns Joey to him stating that "It is of course what my Granddaughter would've wanted, she IS the boss. I would highly Horse is not for everyone. I would recommend it to those who can take hard truth, and are interested by wars. Even though this book is an historical fiction, it is filled with facts. I wouldn't recommend this book to those who are easily upset and emotional. It shows some of most amazing stories of the life and death of the million horses who served in the Army between 1914- 1918. Over a million died, with fewer than 100,000 returning home.

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War Horse Movie Review essay

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