Veronika Decides to Die

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YAK generation girls, she had everything she could wish for. She Is young, pretty and beautiful. She is attractive enough that the list of her boyfriends never ended. She has a steady Job and was blessed to have a loving family. She believed herself to be completely normal. Yet, something was lacking and she Is not happy; and one fine day she decides to die. To find out what was the reason behind such decision, you will have to read the novel and on finding the reason I am sure you will moment "what a silly reason to die. But If you will give a deep thought you also find yourself getting Irritated while going through same stage. She wished to die smoothly without any pain and so she takes an overdose of sleeping pills only to wake up some days later In Wallet, the local mental hospital or asylum. Unfortunate of not meeting her destiny, she started regretting of being alive but soon was happy to hear from doctor that her heart is damaged and she has only few days to live. Those few days took her to the journey of life where she experienced what deadness is.

Of course, what else she could learn in asylum. She got a chance to meet three most important characters of her life in asylum and they were the reason where she understood that the every second of existence is a choice that we make between living and dying. The three characters in asylum; Mari suffering from panic disorder because she wanted to leave everything and help victims of war, Gazed a depressed women searching for her first love and Eduardo a schizophrenic son of Ambassador who wanted to fulfill his dreams or likings going against his parents' wish.

All three were normal, but they wanted to do something different and were not allowed to do so but had to follow what other normal people were doing. Did Veronica's stay with Gazed, Mari and Eduardo change the fortune of Veronica? Did she change her decision of dying? But doctor said her heart was already damaged. Did some miracle happen? What happened to Gazed, Mari and Eduardo? I won't reveal what impact the three characters had on Veronica, you will have to find out on your own; but I am sure this novel will give you elating impact on your life.

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Most of us don't choose but always learn to follow and are forced to stay In an environment created by our society. Anyone who chooses their own destiny or dares to do something different or challenge the rules created by our society Is counted as MAD. We all have some form of madness Inside us. People who want to do something different should be allowed to follow their dream and should be encouraged, Instead of denominating them. Discouraging them will lead to psychological disorder and they might end up their life in asylum, Just Like Marl, Gazed and Eduardo.

Every second In our life is the choice we make between dying and living, so help people to choose living Instead AT along. This book has given a very good definition of madness; it says, "Anyone who lives in their own world is mad, people who are different from other are mad. " All the four characters described in this story are worth reading and it reminds us that every moment in our life is special and precious. Paulo Cello is a storyteller with the power to inspire nations and to change people's lives. This time as well he has not left any point in giving us a moving and uplifting message of life.

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