Veronica Decides to Die

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The story takes place in Slovenia the history is base in Veronika, a twenty-four years old girl, who has everything in life. She is pretty, has a good job, nice family. Veronika thought that it wasn't enough, so she planed on commit suicide, she thinks life is boring and that is not the point for her to be a life if everyday it would be the same. it was the moth of November when Veronika decides to die, she has been saving bottles of sleeping pills that her friend gave her. One cold morning Veronica wake up and started to take all the pills five minutes after all the four bottles were gone, now it was just the amount of time.

It had no last long soon afterward, she had lost consciousness. When veronica wake up she though she was on heaven but the ugly truth is that she was a life and she was in Villette, the famous and feared lunatic asylum. Villete was the place from which no one had ever escaped. Villette was the perfect place not only for people who have mental problems also it was to get rid of Veronica Decides To Die Veronika Decides to Die ? Veronica a Twenty-four-year-old lies in Slovenia,one of the republics created by the dissolution of Yugoslavia.

She works as a librarian by day,and by night carries on like many single women dating men, occasionally sleeping with them,and returning to a single room she rents at a convent. It is a life,but not a very compelling one. So one day, Veronika decides to end it by taking sleeping pills. Her failed attempt, and her inexplicable reasons for wanting to die,land her in Vilette the famous and much fared lunatic asylum. Veronika 's disappointment at having survied her attept of suiced. She imagines the rest of her life filled with disillusionment and monotony,and swear not to leave Vilette alive.

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Veronica didn't fail that much, since her attempt of suicide didn't succed but with that brought Much to her surprise, however,she learns that a fate she desires awaits her anyway: She is destined to die within a week 's time,of a heart damage caused by her suicide attempt. Gradually,this knowledge changes Veronika 's perception of death and life. In the meantime,Vilette 's head psychiatrist attempts a fascinating but provocative experiment. Can you "shock" someone into wanting to live by convincing her that death is imminent? Like a doctor applying defibrillator paddles to a heart attack victim, Dr. Igor 's "prognosis" jump-starts Veronika 's new appreciation of the world around her. From within Vilette 's controlled environment,she finally allows herself to express the emotions she has never allowed herself to feel: hate and love, anger and joy,disgust and pleasure. Veronika also finds herself being drawn into the li es of other patients who lead constrained but oddly satisfying li es. Eduard, Zedka,and Mari have been sent to Vilette because there doesn't seem to be any other place for them. Their families don't understand them,and they can't adjust to the social structure that doesn't tolerate them.

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