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Vermont Teddy Bear

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As a good marketing strategy, it would be wise for Vermont teddy Bear to penetrate at least the distribution channels of various toy stores. Therefore as a suggestion, the company should at least create a special “manufacturer-to-dealer” program which will be initiated and targeted towards the specialty and toy store businesses operating today. In this notion, it is recommended also to Vermont that it sets up a special discount program offer in its website which will be geared towards potential visitors who are willing to be distributors of the company’s products.

Basically, the rationale for this suggestion comes in the aspect of attaining more exposure or advertising mileage without themed to add more mediums of advertising. Acquiring a list of specialty stores which are willing to distribute and resell the teddy bear products can help Vermont Teddy Bears to save money. Also, this will widen the market segment of the company since people are not actually invoiced to look for toys online as the primary channel but to go to a toy store which can provide both visual and tangible aspects of product presentation.

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Vermont Teddy Bear

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Moreover, the establishment of special product discounts for wholesalers can increase the web traffic of Vermont because it will not only concentrate on individual clients but to corporate customers as well. When it comes to the demands of the target market, the creation of additional channel for distributorship certainly meets this aspect. Ordinary people can purchase their teddy bears online while wholesale customers or distributors can also manage to acquire more information on how they will profit from partnering with Vermont as a manufacturer.

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