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Value Of Money

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Today people value many different things. What people value too much today is money. It has been said that money is the root of all evil, and that seems to be true more and more so each year. Some money is necessary to live, and to live comfortably making $100,000 a year, there is no one that needs more money than that to live. Too many people place too much value on money. People go to work for 8 hours a day, come home, and have to feed their families and pay bills, and they always complain about the lack of money. This is true to some extent, but it is not necessarly what they make that is hurting them, it is hat they are spending.

People in general make decent money but they blow it all on fancy cars, or eating out, or not investing properly. If they valued saving money, or didn t value what extra comes with money, people would be in a better place both mentally and in financial standing. Every advertisement and every media presentation has people in America thinking they are not good enough. They need to look better, need to buy better clothes, they need to eat at a nicer restaurant, they need to make more money, and spend it on what is being advertised. The media plays a role much too large in our everyday life.

They show the extreme sides of life, and very little in between. Everyone seems to get what they want, and that takes money. Take for example all the ciggeratte advertisements. Something as simple as a ciggeratte advertisement says a lot about ourselves. We value looking good, feeling good, all the time. That is not what life is about, life is about working hard and achieving, even if it is for personal gain. Once we achieve something, then we should save it, not waste it, but the media and advertisements encourage us to do just the opposite. Money isn t always the most important thing in life.

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There are other things more mportant, like personal health and general welfare. Sometimes people will do dangerous things that could cause them to be hurt, maimed, jailed, or even killed, and they do them anyway in order to get the money. Theives break into houses, risking their personal freedom, just to get a couple of hundreds of dollars worth of things to sell. Some people even risk their safety to get paid, like the people who volunteer for experimental drugs. They don t know what effect the drugs could have on them, but they want to get paid, so they try the treatment anyways, neverminding the harmful effects that could even kill them.

If only the people realized that there are things in life more important than a few hundred dollars. They sometimes don t take into account that they could die of some allergic reaction or a heart attack but by then it is too late, they traded their life for a few hundred dollars. Not worth it. Money is something that we value too much. The media puts too much pressure on us to make money, people see that, and then they think higher of someone if they are rich. They may not be loved, but at least they are rich. This is not the smartest thing. We should take a step back from all the hype, and look and see what is really important.

Is it the money? or is it what we go through, all the trials and work that we must pass in order to achieve the money? Everyday people wish they were rich, but they never take the proper steps to achieving wealth. They see the nice car and the big house, but they never see the personal sacrifices the people made to get where they are, like saving for a rainy day, spending wisely, living below ones means, and investing for the purpose of making more money later in life, rather than instant gratification now. When people learn these lessons, they may have a better appriciation for money and even for life.

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