Unethical to Terminate Employees Because They Do Not Match

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Replacing employees can be very costly for our Healthcare organization there are many different strategies we can develop to help employees who do not match our organizations culture to adapt before we decide to fire them. We first must make sure during the employee selection process that HR is identifying potential employees who pose the relevant skill set for the job applying for along with having similar values of our organization (Sheridan, J. E. , 1992). Next managers at all levels along with supervisors need to revisit their communications and behaviors to ensure they match our organizations values and standards since upper management are the role models of our organization (Fottler, 2011). If upper management is not consistently translating and distributing the cultural norms of our organization how can we expect our frontline employees to do so?

Leaders and managers must continually and consistently follow the standards and values of our healthcare organization along with providing continuous training, coaching, and education programs to all employees in order to keep it fresh in their minds and will be helpful to employees and the organization since at times the organizations culture can change throughout time. The continuous training, coaching and education will ensure employees are able to keep up with the changes in the culture of our organization (Fottler, 2011).

We may also have to revisit and revamp our rewards programs for employees who strengthen the culture of our organization so these employees can also be used as role models to other employees showing them that if they follow the organizations standards and values they will also be rewarded (Glickman, S. , 2008). Our organization would be practicing many unethical practices if we were to just get rid of employees without providing employees the proper tools, training, workshops, coaching and incentives before we fired them since during the hiring process we are to choose employee’s whose values are similar to our organization.

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In turn employees that we may fire due to their culture not matching up with the organizations may sue us causing us not only financial problems but may affect our reputation negatively (Fottler, 2011). Issues that may arise during the meeting are upper management not wanting to take responsibility for employees not adapting to the culture of the organization. So instead of considering their strategies are not working and revising them they may think that getting rid of the employees are easier than saying that they did ot do all they could to help these employees adapt to our culture.


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